2025 Historical C-Drama “Ba Qian Li Lu Yun He Yue” Official Casting, Posters, Plot Summary, And More

The Miles Away Campaign 3

A classic case of mistaken identity and a tense, atmospheric vibe are just a few things we should be expecting from the 2025 historical Chinese drama Ba Qian Li Lu Yun He Yue

Other names for this drama include The Miles Away Campaign and Eight Thousand Miles of Cloud & Moon and these are very fitting with what we’ve gotten from the summary that has been provided. 

Apparently, Meng Wan Fu (played by Huang Cheng Cheng) is thrust into the Anti-Japanese resistance and during the flames of the war, he’s sent by Zhang Yun Kui (played by Wang Yang), but when he arrives at his destination, he’s mistaken for Yun Kui and he doesn’t correct them.

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The Miles Away Campaign 1

In time, he grows to be a more conscientious person (a departure from his earlier feelings of apathy towards the war) and does what he can to survive, but the real Yun Kui appearing back on the scene topples his plans to the ground. 

During the time of Wan Fu’s ascension and comfort, Yun Kui had spent collaborating with the underground party to place structures in place that’ll help defeat the Japanese and he’s understandably pissed.

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In time, the Japanese are defeated and according to the summary provided by Douban (accessed on MDL), everyone gets a happy ending. 

As I said earlier, Wang Yang will play Zhang Yun Kui, who’s clearly a big deal in the Japanese resistance movement and the events in the drama will revolve around him. 

If you have watched Chinese dramas released in the last decade, Wang Yang won’t be a new name because he has practically achieved veteran status for his many years in the industry and the roles he has played – 

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For one, in the 2023 workplace romance drama All The Way To The Sun, he played Li Guang and his female lead was Landy Li (whose new drama Angels Fall Sometimes will be released later this month). 

And, rather surprisingly, we have Huang Cheng Cheng in the role of Meng Wan Fu — I say this primarily because I simply would never have conceived the idea of the both of them starring in one drama. 

The Miles Away Campaign 2

Cheng Cheng’s most recent project was a support role in Scout Hero, a military war Chinese drama which starred Luo Jin in the leading role. Before that one was Welcome to Miele Village where he played another supporting role.

Other characters include Wan Qian who’ll star as Ding Yu Jiao and recently appeared in the political C-Drama Game of Wisdom and the 70-episode Historical New World in 2020 as Tian Dan. 

And then there’s Bi Yan Jun who will play Zhang Qi Xian whose role is unclear at the moment. But he played another supporting role in Youth In The Flames of War and I know he’s good. 

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Some other notable mentions are Cao Lei (My Wife & Internal Affairs), Zhang Tong (Jue Mi Shi Ming), and Ding Liu Yuan (At The Place Where The Peach Blossoms Blooms). 

Here are the concept posters that were just released for each character: 

At the moment, information hasn’t been released about the release schedule or licensing deals, but what seems to be set in stone is that the series will have 40 episodes and will be available to watch on Youku. 

I heard that filming would start in March and it was expected to take anything between 150 and 200 days, so with editing and all, we might get this drama towards the end of the year or in 2025 as stated on MDL. 

I’m personally so eager to watch this 2025 Chinese historical drama and I’ll keep us updated with any changes or news released. 

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