3 Things I Love & 1 Thing I Hate About Ongoing C-Drama “Everyone Loves Me”

Everyone loves me cdrama

Everyone Loves Me is one of those fluffy, workplace romance Chinese dramas you’re either going to absolutely love or absolutely hate (and that’s not a bad thing).

I personally am loving this drama a lot and I spend the hours between releases talking about it, watching edits, or replaying the scenes. 

But while this drama is definitely one of the most interesting ongoing dramas, it has a weak spot that I feel could have been worked on to really ramp up the tension. 

1. I Love: The chemistry between Zhou Ye and Lin Yi

Everyone loves me chemistr

I know that this should be a given considering the fact that this is a romantic Chinese drama, but if you’ve been around here for some time, you probably know that we’ve gotten less than ideal pairings where the leads feel more like strangers than lovers. 

Even when it was primarily a one-sided unrequited crush, their little moments of interactions were so heartwarming and charged with electricity in the best way possible. 

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And there’s also the fact that they complement each other in all the ways that matter – Zhou Ye is always so fiery and ready to go at it while Lin Yi is more reserved but just as lethal. 

2. I Love: The friendship between Zhou Ye & Wang Xiao Yun Zi 

Best friend relationship

You know the friend you meet when you’re going through a heartbreak, or the friend that is always ready to hype you up whenever you’re feeling down, or the friend that is always, always going to be there whenever you need a shoulder to cry on, that is Yun Zi.

Aside from being beautiful and so incredible, her friendship with Zhou Ye in Everyone Love Me feels natural and the chemistry between the both of them doesn’t feel forced at all.

I lived the way Yun Zi was simply always there for Zhou Ye and our girls are simply the kind of BFFs we all wish to have. 

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3. I Hate: The way the office drama at their workplace wasn’t hyped up enough 

Workplace drama

This is something I have struggled with in many Chinese dramas I have watched but it’s especially painful here because there was so much that could have been done. 

So the meeting with Stella is something that they’ve talked about countless times since the first episode so we already knew that this was going to be very pivotal to whether Lin Yi would succeed with his lofty career goals or not.

But then, the meeting came and even though there was a little bit of drama (the spy drama), it simply wasn’t enough to mark it as something significant that was actually happening.

I know that the Chinese showrunners are usually reluctant to lean into some of the other elements of the story in order to avoid overshadowing the romance, but in this case it felt like everything was working against the tension.

4. I Love: How Zhou Ye always manages to find a tribe wherever she goes

Find her tribe where she goes

This is something Lin Yi talked about when describing Zhou Ye and I love that it’s true to form and we can actually see it in literally every aspect of her life.

She has friends at work, she has friends in school, and she also has her online gamers group where she talks with all her teammates and all that. 

There’s no deep or profound reason why I especially loved this about her but it stands out and I just really appreciate it.

So have you been watching Everyone Loves Me? If you haven’t, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for, so check it out and I promise you are going to love it if you enjoy fluffy rom-coms with visual leads and a delectable plot. 

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