Review: A Shop For Killers Is A 10/10 Fast-Paced Thriller K-Drama I Didn’t See Coming


Guys, I had so many expectations when I started watching this thriller Korean drama, and I am happy to report that what I watched more than exceeded what I thought I was going to get.

I knew it would be very fast-paced and punchy, but I never expected it to deliver on the melodrama, revenge, romance, and family bonds as well. It was amazing.


I’m thrilled because it feels like everything I’ve been watching this year has been fantastic, and you guys genuinely have to check this one out.

Firstly, we have Ji An, a 20-year-old orphan who has just entered college. She lost her parents when she was about five or six and started living with her uncle, who runs a hardware store.


But then one day, she gets a call that her uncle is dead. After dealing with the burial, she realizes that her uncle is not who she thought he was.

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She genuinely thought her uncle ran a hardware store, but she soon realised that he was a mercenary and he had a very big business selling weapons online to different groups of people.

Of course, it turns out that she is his only successor, and this big weapons-selling enterprise is now the target of many groups who want to take over and acquire all the weapons.


I won’t drop too many spoilers, but this entire drama takes place over the course of one day. In this time, she meets friends, foes, and those who don’t care about her at all.

I am not ashamed to say that this drama was an automatic watch for me because Lee Dong Wook, who is one of my favorite Korean actors of all time, is the main lead, uncle Jin Man. I already knew he was going to be stunning, but I never expected that he would bring a whole new daddy vibe to my screen.

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As for the female lead Ji An, who is Ji Man’s niece, whom he has been taking care of since her parents died, this is the very first drama I’ve seen her in. But already, I have plans to check out her other work, and if it’s anything like what I got from A Shop for Killers, I know it’s going to be good.


I genuinely felt my heart give out during some scenes in this drama because the tension was incredibly high and if that isn’t a good sign, I don’t know what is. 

A Shop For Killers is one of those dramas where the bad guys are truly bad, the good guys are there, and then there are others who are like messengers sent to deliver a message of doom, and they’ll do that no matter what.

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There is a lot of on-screen violence in this drama, so if that is a trigger for you, you may want to avoid this one. But aside from that, I can’t think of any other reason why you definitely would want to miss out on this short drama.


One thing I’ll tell you though is that despite the violence and the tension, one thing that stands ou that I 100% appreciated and loved was her relationship with her uncle – they only had each other for years so the trust and bond they shared was amazing.


Have you heard about this drama? What do you think? Will you give it a chance? Do you think it wasn’t as good as you wanted it to be? Just let me know in the comment section, and we can talk.

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