Allen Ren’s Xianxia C-Drama “Burning Flames” Likely To Be Released March 2024

Burning flames 2

Burning Flames made headlines a couple of weeks ago for the in-fighting between fans of the leads and it was over the trailer, which isn’t the best start.

The controversy was over the screen time given to Xing Fei, the female lead, as compared to the other characters.

Her fans weren’t having it especially since they believe she’s the most talented of the lot. 

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If you’ve watched Use For My Talent, then you probably recognize Xing Fei as the FL in both drama and I have to say she’s rather mid at best. 

The general expectation was that the team might pause the production while redressing the storyline and whatnot, but I’m happy they didn’t take the cowards way out and are now gearing up for release. 

Burning Flames follows Wu Geng (played by Allen Ren) whose family and entire clan is slaughtered when they decide to rebel against the Yun clan and claim for themselves the powers to control the power of heaven and earth. 

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This doesn’t go down well with the Yun clan who then launch a riotous assault on the rebels and left everyone for dead, except Prince Wu Geng who’s saved by the Yun Princess, Bai Cai who’s played by Xing Fei.

Chaotic? Absolutely. It definitely looks like this xianxia is going to be a little scattered and viewers aren’t exactly stoked about Allen Ren who’s not the best actor.

In fact, it seems expectations are rather low with this one because according to the rumours making the rounds, it seems Allen Ren will be promoting this out of pocket since his team aren’t keen on sinking their investment. 

Then again, this is very much on-par with other iQIYI productions — We know that they always dedicate their entire budget to the bigger productions that they’re certain will give then a return on their investment. 

Of course, it remains to be seen what happens to this drama, but right now, a mid-March release is incredibly optimistic for the team and updates will be posted as they become available.  

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