Arthur Chen & Bao Shang En Might Play Lead Roles In Upcoming Historical C-Drama “In The Moonlight”

In the moonlight cdrama

While nothing has been confirmed at the moment, there’s a rumour making the rounds that Bao Shang En and Arthur Chen will play major roles in the upcoming historical C-Drama In The Moonlight.

There’s not a whole lot of information about this drama at the moment, but we do know it’ll be available on Tencent Video and it will have 40 episodes.

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It’s also adapted from the novel Yue Ming Qian Li which was written by Luo Qing Mei, and it seems the book has a rather significant fanbase and readers are clamouring to see any book-to-screen discrepancies.

At the helm is Director Zoe Qin who has worked as lead director on several romance projects (Fall In Love, Love Scenery) and even Wuxia drama Lost You Forever

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Li Min, who also wrote the screenplays for Rattan and Legend of Fei, will work with our director to create a screenplay from the original text and this feels like a good sign already.

Arthur Chen played Li Xun in Lighter and Princess and that one together with his roles in Gold Panning and Ever Night have stamped him as an actor to look out for.

Arthur chen

And Bao Shang En debuted in 2022 with her role in Love Behind The Melody and since then, she has starred in some wildly successful dramas like Be Yourself and Wonderful Hand and she even has several upcoming projects lined up, so she clearly brings a lot to the table. 

Bao shang en

This pairing might just break the Internet because their visuals are absolutely insane, but since there hasn’t been an official announcement, all we can talk about now are rumours. 

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