Bai Lu & Ao Rui Peng Will Finish Filming 2024 Xianxia Drama “Moonlight Mystique” Tomorrow

Moonlight mystique finish filming 2024

News is just reaching me that the fantasy xianxia Chinese drama Moonlight Mystique will wrap up filming soon and might hit our screens towards the end of 2024.

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Before now, we’ve gotten a whole lot of behind-the-scenes pictures that haven’t been too flattering, but they’re as good as we can get.

Moonlight Mystique is one of the most anticipated xianxia dramas of 2024 and the promotion and social media publicity has been through the roof. 

And if I know anything after being in Chinese drama land for a long time, the end product is always vastly different from the BTS, so I’m cautiously optimistic. 

Bai Lu will play Bai Suo and Ye Mi, a young woman seeking immortality who saves the demon God and changes her fate, while Ao Rui Peng plays Fan Yue or Tian Qi, the powerful God himself.

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According to the synopsis on MDL, these two will move from being latent enemies to ferocious lovers, and I’m definitely pumped to see their on-screen chemistry.

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Bai Lu is a very popular Chinese actress, and if you’ve been around, you’ve probably seen her in Story of Kuning Palace, Song of Youth, Love Is Sweet, and Arsenal Military Academy.

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As for our male lead, he also starred in The Song of Youth, and I also remember seeing him in Be Yourself, where he played a minor role.

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There hasn’t been a confirmed release date, but as far as I know, it’s going to be available to stream on iQiyi with 35 episodes sometime later this year.

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Are you excited to watch this drama? How many other xianxia dramas have you watched? Let me know in the comment section below.

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