“Best Choice Ever” Starring Yang Zi & Xu Kai Will Possibly Start Airing In A Few Weeks

Best Choice Ever 4

Best Choice Ever which is also called Story of Joy or Cheng Huan Ji follows Mai Cheng Huan (played by Yang Zi) who escapes the influence of her mother and grows into herself. 

Xu Kai will then play Yao Zhi Ming, the grandson and professional hotelier of a major hotel, who reluctantly agrees to work with Yang Zi and soon falls in love with her.

Filming for this family drama wrapped up last September and since production houses usually take off six months to work on promotions, licensing deals, and tying up any loose ends, it seems this drama has been in the oven long enough. 

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Best Choice Ever 1

So, we should expect this drama anytime from April until the end of the second quarter — Unless they decide to go in the way that’s now fashionable and leave us hanging for months.

Then again, this doesn’t look likely because none of the actors or crew of the drama have been involved in any scandals and it doesn’t appear to me that they have any funding issues. 

While this drama hasn’t gotten a lot of publicity and that’s because of its very nature (genre and whatnot), it definitely has a lot to offer.

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For one, there’s the leads Xu Kai and Yang Zi, who have shown themselves to be very amazing actors, and Tian Yu who also directed Memory of Encaustic Tile is the director, so I have high hopes. 

Best Choice Ever will be available to watch on CCTV, Dragon TV, and Tencent Video for international viewers with subtitles in different languages with 38 45-minute episodes.

There’s no information at the moment about the release schedule or any other licensing deals, but the standard is three, so I’m almost certain we will hear some more positive news soon. 

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