10 Sweet Second Chance Romance Chinese Dramas To Stream Now

Sometimes, love works out the first time and other times, it takes a few tries for two lovers to find a rhythm and balance that keeps them jiggy at the same time. 

And in these utterly delectable second-chance Chinese dramas, our leads learn to fall in love with each other over and over again. 

1. Fireworks Of My Heart

Fireworks of my Heart cdrama

Childhood friends Song Yan and Xu Qin are forced apart by their families. 

A decade later, as a fire chief and an emergency doctor, they reunite through work, and while acknowledging personal growth, they must navigate obstacles to turn their renewed relationship into something more.

2. My Sunshine

My sunshine

College sweethearts Zhao Mo Sheng and He Yi Chen broke up with each other unexpectedly, and when they cross paths again seven years later, the details of their past emerge.

You guys, I feel this is the ultimate second chance romance Chinese drama because it had everything from the pining, and angsty leads to the many secrets that caused their initial separation. 

3. Road Home

Road Home Chinese drama

Before I get into it, let me quickly let you know that you can watch Road Home on YouTube for free with complete English subtitles!

This drama follows Gui Xiao and Lu Yan Chen who have been deeply in love since middle school but life ultimately leads them in different directions.

Without giving many spoilers, the love between these two endured and one snowy evening, Gui Xiao reached out to Yan Chen and they entered each other’s orbits again.

4. Ten Years Late

Ten years late

Jin Ran sacrificed a high-paying job for love and ended up reuniting with his first love, Yuan Lai. 

One thing I loved about this drama was how they spared some time to show the lives of some other couples. 

It’s realistic in the best way possible, and if you want something poignant that still feels light about lovers who get reunited, you’ll enjoy this one. 

5. The Love You Give Me

The love you give me cdrama

Min Hui and Xin Qi’s complicated past resurfaces after five years, and somehow, they end up reconnecting at a business event.

And, soon enough, they’re confronting their past mistake, and there’s no way you won’t be teary-eyed when you see the efforts these two made to rekindle their love for each other. 

6. Love Everlasting

Love Everlasting

Xiao Mu Chen and Zhong Mei Bao’s college love story is cut short when Zhong Mei Bao abruptly breaks up. 

Many years later, their paths cross again due to work and when the memories of their past love swamp them, they decide to put themselves out there to try to survive the many challenges. 

7. Love You Self-Evident

Love you self evident

Mo Ning Xi returns after losing everything years ago, and as she wants to reclaim what was taken from her.

Her plan includes finally investigating her grandfather’s death and she soon finds an unlikely ally in her ex-husband, Li Xi Cheng. 

Love You Self-Evident is another absolutely interesting romantic Chinese drama about second-chance romance that features the most level-headed, mature leads I’ve ever seen. 

8. More And More Loves You

More and more loves you

Yu Lan’s 11-year secret crush on Sheng You Ting becomes unbearable and so she tries to stop loving him.

Even though it’s painful to let go of a long-time love, she does her best, but funnily, when she starts pulling back, he suddenly falls in love with her. 

I know this might not classify as second chance romance because, technically, they were never together, but I can’t help the feeling that she letting go was a breakup and then him realizing his own feelings was a mad dash for a HEA after screwing it up the first time. 

9. Ex-Wife Stop

Ex wife stop

Cool CEO Sheng Nan Fang realizes he lost his true love, Su Shao Yan, after their forced marriage ended in divorce, and so he sets out to get his girl back.

10. Have A Crush On You

Have a crush on you

Martial arts heir Lin Yu Meng accidentally damages Ji Ling Su’s luxury car, and this sparks a chain of events that ultimately leads to a forced marriage contract

These two eventually go their separate ways, but that’s when they realize the depth of their feelings for each other and they make steps to nurture their love. 

What do you think? How many of these C-Drama about second-chance romance will you watch this weekend? Let me know in the comments below!

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