15 Fantastic Sports-Related K-Dramas To Binge-Watch Now

Sports Korean dramas to watch

We all love an interesting underdog, yeah?

I know I do, and heaven knows I live for seeing people enjoy what they do. 

If you love sports or couch-sports (this is my team), then you’re going to love these recs I’m about to drop. 

There’s everything from baseball to soccer to judo, and there’s even boxing. 

I always try to not drop spoilers, but one thing you should know is that each of these interesting Korean dramas about Sports have the most fascinating characters and I know you’ll love them.

thEse Amazing Kdramas about sports & athletes will motivate you: 

1. Run On

Run on

Ki Sun Gyeom, a former national team sprinter facing legal issues, unexpectedly crosses paths with Oh Mi Joo, a passionate translator in the movie industry.

As they meet, it’s almost as if it was predestined and they soon find themselves leaning on each other.

Sweet, romantic, and emotional on all the counts that matter, this is one of the best sports Kdrama with romance you won’t regret watching. 

2. Hot Stove League

Hot Stove League Kdrama

Set in the world of major league baseball, this drama follows a struggling team who are gearing up for what seems to be a rather peculiar season under their new general manager.

Se Young is the determined and passionate head of the management team for the cellar-dwelling Dreams, and Seung Su is an unlucky but experienced general manager who faces an uphill battle in rejuvenating the theme.

Park Eun Bin from Extraordinary Attorney Woo and Castaway Diva and Nam Koong Min from Awaken and My Dearest star in this absolutely amazing drama, and if you ever doubted their range, you’ll have no questions after watching this drama.

3. Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok Joo


Bok Joo, a determined weightlifter with her eyes set on the gold medal, unexpectedly discovers love, and this turns her world upside down.

Now, she must balance her intense training with her newfound romance and at this tender age of 20, Bok Joo finds herself fashioning a way to stay afloat in all aspects.

You guys, this is hands-down one of the finest coming of age Korean dramas and if you haven’t watched it, what are you waiting for? – And if you’ve watched it, this is the rewatch sign you’ve been waiting for.

4. Racket Boys

Racket boys

Yoon Hyun Jong, once a skilled badminton player, now faces financial struggles, and when offered the chance to coach a middle school team, he seizes the opportunity.

But when he gets there, he finds out that he has been put in charge of a team on the brink of disbandment, with just three players: Bang Yoon Dam, Na Woo Chan, and Lee Yong Tae. 

But, he resolves to make his mark and together with the team, they face multiple challenges head on, and soon, Yoon Hae Kang, Yoon Hyun Jong’s son, and Jung In Sol join the team and they start working towards taking part in competitions.

Meanwhile, Ra Young Ja, Yoon Hyun Jong’s wife and former top badminton player, coaches the girls’ team at another Haenam middle school.

Led by the formidable Han Se Yoon, the number one junior female player in Korea, and supported by Lee Han Sol, Se Yoon’s closest friend, they are known as one of the finest teams in their league.

Racket Boys is a sports Korean drama about badminton, and I loved every single moment of it (I know you Will too!)

5. Love All Play

Love all play

This is yet another fantastic sports-themed Korean drama about badminton with two leads that I fell in love with by the time we got to the final episode.

Park Tae Joon got involved the badminton industry through his parents’ business, so he sees the sports as mere works that’s rather tideous.

But, his perspective shifts when he meets Tae Yang and she motivates him to love it again.

Park Tae Yang is a talented player with Olympic aspirations, but after a bribery scandal, she had to take a forced three-year hiatus from playing.

These two were opposites attracting in the best way, and I just fell in love with them and it was heartwarming to see them both find their happiness.

As a bonus, you might recognise Tae Yang from historical Kdrama The Forbidden Marriage where she played Ye So Rang, a con artist who’s brought into the palace to help the King and they fall in love.

6. Short


Kang Ho Young is a talented short-track speed skater who learned everything about the sports in a humble countryside rink.

When he is scouted by the renowned Kangbaek University, fate leads him to meet Park Eun Ho, who is famously known as “The King of Short Track Speed Skating.”

Meanwhile, Eun Ho is from a very prestigious sports family, and when he meets Ho Young, he’s battling the biggest slump of his career.

Soon enough, they’re competing against each other and they soon become very close friends, but even this becomes shaky because they fall for the same girl.

Not to be dramatic or anything, but, you guys, this drama was hands-down one of my favorites of all time and there was just a whole lot I loved about it – the friendship, the sports, and the dynamics between the leads.

7. Thumping Spike

Thumping Spike

In this romantic sports Korean webdrama, Kang Se Ra, a promising young volleyball player who’s in a slump, is brought on as a coach for a struggling men’s high school volleyball team.

The team is led by the talented Hwang Jae Woong, but while Jae Woong always shines on the court, the rest of the team lags behind.

But when these two meet, it’s sparks all way: meaning their chemistry was off the charts but they absolutely disliked each other.

Soon enough, they start spending a lot of time together and Se Ra discovers a tender side to the volleyball ace and this makes their romance stronger.

8. Just Dance

Just Dance Kdrama

This sports Kdrama is inspired by a documentary with the same name, and it follows the vibrant female students of Geoje Girl’s Vocational High School. 

With the ongoing shipyard restructuring, these determined young women set out to chase their individual dreams of becoming fantastic dancers while preparing for any future job opportunities.

Dancing is very much a sport and in Just Dance, you’ll meet the leads who are ready to give their all while pursuing their dreams (it was the most beautiful thing).

9. Twenty-Five Twenty-One


This super popular Korean drama is set in a very challenging time and it follows Na Hee Doo, a teenage fencer who crosses paths with Baek Yi Jin, a determined young man who is trying to rebuild his life.

During the South Korean financial crisis in the laste 1990s, Baek Yi Jin’s family plunged into poverty and Hee Doo’s fencing team was disbanded.

But through all this, she doesn’t give up and Yi Jin also finds a way to navigate his new reality of working and studying to become a journalist.

There’s literally no way you wouldn’t have heard about this swoon-worthy Korean drama about sports and life that’s available to watch in Netflix (it literally made the globe spin for some time).

10. Mental Coach Jegal

Mental coach jegal

This uplifting sports K-drama follows a former national athlete who finds a new purpose as a mental coach, guiding retired professionals and struggling current athletes to reclaim their glory.

Je Gal Gil is a charismatic and hardworking former Taekwondo prodigy, but after an unfortunate scandal, he is expelled from the athlete’s village.

He then returns as a mental coach, and as he works with his many clients, he slowly chips away at his own trauma.

Enter Cha Ga Eul, a once-golden short-track speed skating champion facing a slump.

The Ice Princess battles self-doubt until she crosses paths with Je Gal Gil, who becomes her guiding light, and to say that I absolutely loved these two might be the biggest understatement of my life.

11. Heading To The Ground

Heading to the ground

The ambitious Cha Bong-Kun dreams of making it big in English premier league football while playing in the Korean minor league. 

He then finds himself falling head over heels for soccer agent Kang Hae-Bin.

But he’s nothing if not determined, so he works hard to achieve his dreams while navigating an entirely new world.

12. Blue Of Winter

Blue Of Winter kdrama Cover

In this Korean BL, Ji Seok, Do Jin, and Hyeon Woo meet during a high school judo competition in Seoul.

Hyeon Woo’s reckless fighting style impresses them and they become fast friends almost immediately, and when Hyeon Woo saves Do Jin from some bullies, this only cements their friendship even more.

Ji Seok starts as a friend and becomes Hyeon Woo’s lover, and Do Jin falls for Hyeon Woo but he doesn’t want to destroy their somewhat tender friendship, so he holds back until he fesses.

Before parting ways, Hyeon Woo rejects Do Jin’s confession and prays for his Olympic success, and six years later, they reunite in college.

13. Matching: Boys Archery

Matching boys archery

While looking for some inspiration, Hong Shi Ah (Kei) sets her sights on the Boys Archery Club and she decides to become their manager to get some material for her webtoon.

And soon enough, she’s getting entangled with Joo Seung Joon and Yoo Ji Wan, two members of the Archery Club.

This incredibly sweet Kdrama about sports had my nostalgic senses tingling and I daresay anybody will feel the same way – it’s really that good!

14. Pumpkin Time

Pumpkin Time

Kang Tae Joo and Shin Hae Won were inseparable childhood friends and their love for baseball made their friendship all the more stronger.

But when Tae Joo’s parents announced his move to the United States, they were forced to part ways.

And Tae Joo held onto hope that they would reunite as the years went by.  

Finally, back in Korea, he set out to find Hae Won, but he was shocked to see that she was no longer a kid and instead she was a very beautiful high school girl and he started falling for her slowly.

This is another utterly childhood friends to lovers romance that I’ll forever recommend, and you should give it a chance if you can.

15. Our Baseball

Our baseball

This is another webdrama about sports that follows the lives of ordinary adults as they navigate their everyday routines while pouring their hearts into their beloved baseball club. 

From work to personal relationships, they find solace and purpose in the game they love.

When it comes to sports Kdramas, there’s this twang of nostalgia that almost always makes them so, so memorable.

And with a fantastic mix of athletic competition and so many relatable characters, these unforgettable dramas will definitely hold a special place in your heart.

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Happy watching!


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