BL C-Drama “Sadistic Love” Starring Dai Gao Zheng & Guan Yue Wraps Up Filming

Sadistic Love cdrama

While 2024 has undoubtedly brought us some very amazing romantic C-dramas, it’s very sad that this might very well be the first BL drama of the year. 

There’s not much information about Sadistic Love or Zhang Zhong Que in circulation, so there isn’t much to rely on. 

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But an update on Douyin as well as a teaser video places Dai Gao Zheng and Guan Yue as the leads. 

Dai Gao Zheng has several dramas under his belt, including main roles in dramas like Warm Time With You and Bride’s Revenge and supporting roles in dramas like Who Rules The World and Farewell To Arms.

Meanwhile, Guan Yue starred in Tencent Video’s short web series Devil Falls In Love With Fairy and several other mini-series, so I know this drama won’t be an issue for him. 

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Apparently, this is one of those short-length web series, because filming started on 14th February and it’s slotted to have 24 episodes, but they’re done producing it already. 

And rather unfortunately, there isn’t any official news about any OTT deals, but there’s another rumour making the rounds that it’ll be available on Tencent Video for international viewers. 

We will update you as information is shared by the showrunners, so don’t forget to come back for more. 

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