Cheng Yi & Ying Er’s Long-Awaited C-Drama “Deep Lurk” Might Be Released Next Month

Deep lurk Chinese drama news

After a lot of false alarms in the past years, it seems our dream is finally coming true because there’s a rumor making the rounds that Deep Lurk might actually be released next month. 

This is one of Cheng Yi’s many unreleased dramas filmed years ago and after watching and loving him in South Wind Knows and Immortal Samsara, I’m so pumped for this drama. 


An official trailer hasn’t been released yet (neither has an official date been revealed), but from what we know, Cheng Yi plays the role of Wen Ye Ming, a man on a mission, and Ying Er plays Yun Mu Zhi, a patriot who’s willing to put herself through fire. 

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He decides to infiltrate the Japanese ranks to find the person responsible for his father’s murder while she’s a very motivated woman who’s keen on playing her part in resisting the Japanese.  

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This drama will be set in the period before the battle of Changsha and we will see our leads do what they can to help China win the war against the Japanese. 

You might recognize our female lead from Shuke and Peach Blossom (where she played Tao Hua) and the amazing 2018 Chinese drama Best Arrangement where she starred as Zhao Zi Hui who finds herself in the most dramatic love triangle ever.

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As for our male lead, he needs no introduction because I’ve been one of his biggest fans ever since I watched him in Noble Aspirations back in 2016.

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He gets a lot of heat and is essentially accused of being a mediocre actor, but I’m biased and I believe his talent and acting skills have only gotten better with time. 

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Have you been waiting for this drama? Will you watch Deep Lurk when it’s released? Let me know in the comment section below.

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