8 Best C-Dramas About Soul & Body Swapping Where Love Blooms

This time around, I’m writing for Cdrama-lovers who like the mishaps that occur when characters swap bodies or souls.

I think we can all agree that these are the most fertile ground for the LOL brand of comedy, and if you’re looking for recs for the best Chinese dramas with this trope, get seated!

1. When You Be Me

When you be me

Qiao Nan, a confident athlete from a rich family, swaps bodies with Mu Xiang Xiang, a bullied, bookish classmate, after an accident. 

Initially, they find it very difficult, but the switch gives them new perspectives and it even helps them navigate each other’s lives and build unexpected connections.

2. Double Assassin

Double Assassin cdrama

Lan Xiao Yu, who’s secretly in love with Prince Wei Qing, swaps souls with top assassin Chi Jing Yu. 

Now that she’s a martial arts master, she starts investigating an assassination case within the Qingluan Society and this leads to many unexpected adventures.

3. The Day Of Becoming You

The day of becoming you cdrama

In this romantic bodyswap Cdrama, the leader of a boyband and an entertainment reporter switch bodies which forces them into many funny situations. 

Jiang Yi and Yu Sheng Sheng then try to navigate each other’s lives and gradually fall in love even with the chaos.

4. Proud of Love

Proud of Love cdrama

Shen Xi, a dance major, and He Zhi Zhou, an aloof engineering student, swap souls unexpectedly. 

As they cope with their new identities, their lives intertwine and this affects their relationships and sparks unique challenges.

5. The Trust

The trust cdrama

When Warrior Xu Yu and Emperor Xiao Jin Yun swap souls, they quickly realise their lives are not as idyllic as perceived. 

Trapped in each other’s bodies, they learn empathy and eventually try to heal their strained relationship.

6. King Is Not Easy

King is not easy cdrama

Da Xi falls in love with Royal Guard Shao Yong, and a soul swap occurs with Emperor Ji Man which causes many hilarious situations as they try to live each other’s lives. 

7. The Bamboo Horse Falls into the Sky

Bamboo Horse Falls into the Sky

Intern Su Ran Ran and game company founder Zhuang Xu accidentally swap souls and this messes up Su Ran Ran’s plan to confess her feelings to her crush (he also gets dragged into the mess).

8. The Emperor’s Love Swap

The emperors love swap

In Wushuangguo, the new king and beggar Qian Duo Duo swap bodies and this causes chaos and lots of funny moments in the palace and harem. 

And that’s a wrap on this article about the best Chinese dramas about body-swapping that are breathtaking and super interesting.

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Happy watching!

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