10 Amazing Chinese Dramas Based On Webtoons To Stream ASAP

Have you ever wondered where your favorite Chinese dramas came from? 

I know for a fact that there are many Chinese dramas which are based on real-life events, but there are some others based on webtoons. 

If you haven’t read a webtoon, let me get you hooked – webtoons are story strips of different genres you can find on a good number of websites.

These aren’t to be confused with light novels which have illustrations and relatively more text, but they’re equally good. 

Here are 10 best Chinese dramas based on webtoons you can’t afford to miss: 

1. The Ordinary Glory

The is a workplace drama about Wu Ke Zhi, a financial manager who has a hard time advancing in his career because of his stubborn personality and poor relationship with his bosses. 

He gets a new intern, Sun Yi Qiu, who lacks education and experience, but has a smart and adaptable mind. 

The drama shows how they form a mentor-intern bond and how they face various obstacles in their work.

2. Uncle Cool

Adapted from the webtoon Uncle Cool by Homer, this is a funny and wholesome love story about two people who are very different. 

Yuan Nana, a girl who is funny, shy and likes to act meets Xiao Hai, who looks angry on the best of days.

These opposites eventually find a sweet spot in the middle and I liked the way their relationship sort of grew from there. 

3. Use For My Talent

This webtoon-based romantic comedy Cdrama is inspired by a comic called Clean with Passion for Now?! by Aengo.

It follows Gu Ren Qi who does not like germs or people and Shi Shuang Jiao, an untidy girl who’s slowly getting accustomed to a life of unending hard work after losing her mother.

They become friends after a series of events which lead up to Shi Shuang Jiao joining Gu Ren Qi’s cleaning company.

Soon enough, they find out more about each other and help each other heal.

4. Debut

This is a drama about young people who dream of being singers. 

They are in a band called A.C.E – Lu Xiang is the singer who is funny and cute; Bai Ying is the rapper who is cool and fiery; Zhang Han is the dancer and Wei Chi is the kind guy; and Lu Fei was fat before, but then he became Lu Xiang by magic. 

He is a singer in the day and a store worker at night, and he soon meets a nurse named Wu You You who makes his life more interesting.

5. Stand Or Fall

Guan Wen quit her job after being tricked, and she soon met her old boyfriend, Ding Ning, who was cold and mean. 

They had many fights and feelings, and when they realized that they had to think about their future, Guan Wen decided to do what was best for her.

This Chinese drama is based on the webtoon called Ben San Na Nian by Billbili.

6. I Cannot Hug You

A vampire girl and a germophobe boy are the main characters of this story. 

The girl has no interest in anything until the boy moves in next to her, and she feels a strange pull towards him and wishes to hug him, but he hates to touch anyone. 

This is yet another Chinese drama inspired by a comic called unTOUCHable by Massstar you can watch on YouTube, and trust me when I say you’ll love it!

7. Lookism 

A boy who is ugly and bullied moves to a new school, and he discovers that he has two bodies – One is ugly and one is handsome and he changes between them when he sleeps and wakes up.

The boy likes being popular with his handsome body. But he also finds out that the handsome body has a big secret. 

The handsome body belongs to Kris, who is not sleeping, and he knows what is happening and he wants his body back. 

The Chinese drama is from a webtoon called Lookism by Park Tae Jun, and you’re going to enjoy it.

8. Don’t Mess With Girls

Lin Nan is a man who likes to take pictures of nice things, and while he is good at his job, he is not good at talking to people – He makes them angry or sad, but he does not care as he only cares about his pictures. 

One day, he has a big accident and something changes. 

Every night, he becomes a small boy and every morning, he becomes a big man again. He also has a clock on his neck that says 100 days. What is going on? Why does he change like this? 

9. You Are So Addictive

In this lighthearted historical Chinese drama that’s based on a webtoon, Ling Zhi Xi is the leader of a team that protects the sky, and she is very good-looking so many beings like her. 

But she did something wrong and the sky king told her to go to the earth and face some challenges.

She becomes a prince who is really a girl, and she also has to be the king on the same day she becomes a prince.

10. Go! Goal! Fighting!

Pei Duo loves soccer very much, and she wants Mu Qi to teach soccer to some school kids. 

Mu Qi used to be a soccer coach, but he stopped, and since Pei Duo makes him happy, he agrees to help her and they work together to make the kids better at soccer.

What’s the craziest Cdrama you’ve ever watched? I’m a 100% sure you searched later to find out the source material. All the webtoon-based Cdramas on this list are everything and I know you’ll love them!

Don’t forget to check out the related posts below to get even more information and let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Happy watching!


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