11 Winter-Themed Chinese Dramas To Watch Into The New Year

There’s no better time to snuggle up with a lovely Chinese drama than Christmas.

This time around, I’m listing 11 fantastic Chinese dramas featuring lots of snow you need to watch into the new year. 

There’s everything from couples who get a second chance at love to unexpected relationships and I just know you’ll love them!

11 winter-themed Chinese dramas to keep yourself busy all through the new year: 

1. Winter Night 

Winter Night cdrama

Zheng Da Qian’s luck turns around when a cosmic hiccup whisks her back to her hometown.

Reuniting with her first love, Mu Zi Li, seems like a dream come true, but a cosmic curveball threatens to turn their love story into a melodrama. 

2. Road Home

Road Home Chinese drama

Gui Xiao and Lu Yan Chen’s love starts on a middle school playground, but life throws them into different worlds – Gui Xiao enters finance while Lu Yan Chen becomes a special police officer in a distant part of the country. 

Despite the distance, their love endures until circumstances change, and when Gui Xiao calls Yan Chen out of the blue one day, they find themselves in each other’s worlds again.

You guys, the primary event in this Cdrama essentially happens because of the thick snow, so if you want a romantic winter Cdrama that you can watch on YouTube, this is a perfect option. 

3. Eagles and Youngster

Eagles and Youngster cdrama

While looking for an antidote to save his teacher, Zhang Bao Qing faces many dangers in a snowy land, but he eventually connects with the hunters. 

The character arc in this drama was amazing, and if you fancy seeing an ignorant boy grow into a mature individual, you’ll enjoy this one.

4. Fake Girlfriend

Fake Girlfriend cdrama

Li Haotian’s New Year plans go awry, so he decides to rent Lu Shiyi as a girlfriend. 

Their journey home, complete with a Porsche, mysterious pursuers, and unexpected encounters covering 5,000 kilometres and 20 days of chaos, had me cackling all the way through. 

5. Winter Begonia

Winter begonia cdrama

Shang Xi Rui, a Peking opera performer, and wealthy businessman Cheng Feng Tai bond over their love for the art. 

Set in the 1930s, their story unfolds against the backdrop of war, sacrifice, and a shared passion for Peking opera.

Winter Begonia is another easy pick if you want to watch a historical winter romance this holiday that would soothe your spirit. 

6. Falling Before Fireworks

Falling Before Fireworks

Si Qing, a banker, meets Jing Chen during a debt collection mission, and this leads to an unexpected proposal on the winter solstice. 

They eventually get married, and this drama is all about their married life and how they navigated their many differences and fell in love with each other while married. 

7. Vacation of Love

Vacation of Love cdrama

Manager Xu Ke Yi’s New Year’s Eve plans with artist Gao Jun Yu take a turn for the worse when her seduction plan is stonewalled almost immediately. 

Meanwhile, a long-married couple who are facing challenges think of getting a divorce. 

The drama explores the many professional and personal relationships of the guests at the resort, and there’s no better way to ring in the new year than learning more about yourself. 

8. Rent A Girlfriend Home For New Year

Rent a girlfriend home for new year

Wealthy student Chu Xiao Xiao rents a girlfriend, Xiao Xiao, to get his family off his back. 

What he doesn’t anticipate, though, is that this new fake relationship will challenge his family’s long-standing traditions. 

9. I Don’t Want To Be Friends With You

I dont want to be friends with you

A time-travel masterpiece through and through, this drama follows high school student Li Jin Bu who time-travels to meet her mother 20 years earlier.

When she gets there, she slowly discovers the many similarities and differences they share, and I’d always recommend this utterly wholesome to anyone who wants something soft to watch during the holiday. 

10. If I Can Love You So

If I Can Love You so

Pianist Geng Mo Chi and radio host Bai Kao Er find solace in each other’s company after being betrayed by love. 

Their journey shows the many forms of healing and the challenges fate throws their way.

11. Love Crossed

Love crossed

Jiang Ke Le’s New Year’s Eve is ruined when her dad cancels their plans, her boyfriend dumps her, and she’s let go for being tardy.

Somehow, she gets hold of a pair of VR glasses that transport her to an IT-powered world where she meets Lu Xiao and she falls in love with him.

As with all romances with this template, there’s a mystery of sorts and the very fact that her love interest is a simulation means she has her work cut out for her. 

How do you spend your holidays? What does your ideal kickback look like? And, how many of these dramas will you be watching?

I’ve picked the comfiest of the comfiest winter-themed Cdramas that I always turn to when I’m bored, and I just know you’ll love them!

Don’t forget to check the related posts below for even more recommendations that will keep you hooked.

Happy watching!

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