12 Thrilling C-Dramas With Multiple Worlds That Will Keep You Hooked

This time around, I’m listing some of my personal favorite Chinese dramas with parallel worlds that kept me glued from the first second until the last – they’re so good and I know you’ll love them.

Essentially, in these dramas, there are multiple worlds and our leads perhaps might move between them. 

Trust me, by the time you’re done with this article, you’ll have found at least one new drama to keep you entertained. 

1. The Romance of Tiger and Rose

Tiger and rose

Aspiring screenwriter Chen Xiao Qian gets sucked into her own script, and somehow, she becomes a side character with a looming expiration date.

Armed with script knowledge, she’s determined to dodge death and find her way back home.

2. The Night of the Comet

The Night of the Comet

A celeb crash-lands in a parallel universe, and he sparks a sweet love tale with a female reporter and his bubbly alter ego, who moonlights as an author.

3. To Get Her

To get her cdrama

Idol trapped in a game? Check. Girlfriend turned princess? Double-check. 

In this sweet, sweet Cdrama, Lin Zheng Zheng races against game lives to help her music-loving prince regain his throne and memories.

4. Your Highness

Your Highness cdrama

Qin Zhan time travels into his favorite game and gains some incredible powers but becomes the martial arts world’s top enemy.

5. My Fantastic Mrs Right

My Fantastic Mrs Right

Mi Xiao Qi’s journey from Cloud World to Kun Peng Continent involves becoming a fat cat, meeting a prince, and fulfilling a quest set by the Wine immortal.

6. Mr Bad

Mr Bad

 Online writer Nan Xing’s wish for unforgettable love summons her story’s villain, Xiao Wu Di, and now he’s stuck fulfilling her wishes whenever she needs help.

7. Catch Up My Prince

Catch Up My Prince

Interning doctor Lu Ran Ran and game designer Wang Chen Yi accidentally plunge into a reality game and they discover that it’s an entirely different world.

Together, they navigate the imaginative challenges of Wang Chen Yi’s creation, and trust me guys, you don’t want to miss this Chinese drama about multiple worlds. 

8. Stick To The Script

Stick To The Script

Wang Xiao Yu, a vocal art student, accidentally enters the world of TV dramas. 

Soon, a fantasy romance starts off between her and Xiao Tian Yu, the second male figure in the drama.

9. Bossy Husband Who Loved Me

Bossy Husband Who Loved Me

Writer Mu Xiao Xi slips into her novel, and this move changes the story’s direction as the male protagonist gains the ability to hear her thoughts. 

10. Love For Two Lives

Love for two lives

After losing her boyfriend and her job, Yao Liang Liang’s life collides with an ancient emperor, leading to a pact: she acts as his betrothed, and he supports her financially. 

11. The Next Stop W

The next stop w

Trainee doctor Wu Yan Zhu accidentally enters the comic world of “W,” where she meets Jiang Zhe, a character from a comic created by her dad. 

This interesting Chinese drama is actually based on a webtoon and it has a Korean version as well.

If you’re in the mood for a romance Chinese drama about multiple worlds, this is a perfect option. 

12. Little Mad Doctor

Little Mad doctor

Doctor Chu Jing Hong becomes a princess in a different world, and along the way, she falls in love with the war King Yu Long Yuan.

You guys, what do you think? Do parallel worlds exist? At this point, I really have no idea.

These Cdramas about parallel worlds are perfect if you want to simply kick back and I just know that you’ll enjoy them a whole lot!

Don’t forget to check the related posts below for more recommendations and let me know what you think in the comments below. 

Happy watching!

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