10 Chinese Science-Fiction Movies That Will Sweep You Away

Science fiction is one of those underrated genres most of us are guilty of ignoring. 

It wasn’t until recently I watched my very first sci-fi Chinese movie and it was amazing – I’ve been hooked ever since.

So, I’ve written this post with 10 Chinese sci-fi movies that I feel everyone needs to give a chance because they’re all so good. 

1. The Wandering Earth

Wandering earth

Adapted from Liu Ci Xin’s short story, this science fiction Chinese movie is set in a future where the sun is dying so humanity builds Earth Engines to move our planet away from the solar system. 

2. Fatal Countdown

Fatal Countdown

Sia Tien, a single mother and time-slip researcher, uses an unfinished time machine to save her kidnapped son, and she soon meets multiple versions of herself in the process.

3. Shanghai Fortress

Shanghai Fortress

In 2035, Earth faces an alien invasion and Shanghai, which has become humanity’s last hope, is defended by a joint army against alien forces. 

College student Jiang Yang joins the fight to protect a secret weapon, and if you’re in the mood for an action-packed Chinese science fiction, you’re going to love this one!

4. Moon Man

Moon man

The moon shield program fails in 2033 and Du Gu Yue is the last human on the moon after a deadly impact on Earth. 

5. Inflatable Girlfriend

Inflatable Girlfriend

Yang Dong’s life takes an unexpected turn when he meets Doudou, an emotional robot, and this challenges his structured life caring for his vegetative fiancée Ning Ning.

6. Apocalypse


After a meteorite transforms Earth in 1624 AD in what is later called the Great Tuanqi Explosion, the villagers become insect slaves and start attacking others.

This dystopian Chinese sci-fi movie is another wonderful piece with leads you’ll enjoy watching and you should absolutely watch it. 

7. Invisible Alien

Invisible Alien

Earth captures signals from an alien civilization named Messenger, and when the exploration spacecraft “Deep Space” mysteriously reappears after 150 years, they immediately launch a temporary team investigation.

8. Call Me Savior

Call me savior

Impoverished cartoonist Liu God witnesses an alien invasion and teams up with a student, Wu Shao Jun to drive a doom mech that would counter the apostles.

9. Impossible


Tang Liguo, a delivery man, survives an asteroid storm miraculously, so he becomes the lab rat of an interstellar explorer from Planet 452, Muah Muah.

If you’ve watched enough movies and dramas, you probably already know that becoming a lab rat spells doom and you’ll love this one. 

10. Almost Human

Almost Human

A science madman’s humanoid robot gains autonomous consciousness and then swaps skins with Su Xin. 

Meanwhile, as a serial murder case unfolds, police officer Li Dong Bin investigates the brewing danger.

Do you think you’ll watch any of these science fiction Chinese movies? Let me know in the comments below. 

And the related posts have even more recommendations that will meet you in whatever mood you’re in. 

Happy watching!

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