11 Swoony Enemies To Lovers Chinese Dramas That Set The Tone Right

The enemies-to-lovers trope is easily one of the most popular story templates in both literature and cinema. 

There’s something so magical and alluring about leads who can’t stand each other eventually finding common ground that pulls them together. 

This time around, I’m listing 11 very beautiful and interesting romantic Chinese dramas where the leads can’t stand each other at the beginning but they soon fall in love.

These 11 romantic & swoony enemies-to-lovers Chinese dramas will give you all the feels: 

1. Lighter and Princess

Lighter and Princess cdrama

Li Xun is a smart and capable computer programmer with a rebellious streak a mile long, while Zhu Yun is a  friendly and somewhat naive freshman who’s just learning to spread her wings. 

When she meets Li Xun, she dismisses him as a bad influence, but when they start spending an inordinate amount of time together, their clashes morph into adorable moments of bonding. 

2. Our Secret 

Our Secret cdrama

This romantic high-school enemies to lovers Cdrama follows Zhou Si Yue and Ding Xian, two seatmates who initially can’t stand each other but eventually start appreciating their interactions.

Wholesome in the best way possible, this beautiful drama about an unexpected love might be just what your heart needs right now. 

3. Falling Into Your Smile

Falling Into Your Smile chinese

Tong Yao, a female e-sports player, joins an all-male team and clashes with the arrogant captain, Lu Si Cheng. 

They gradually develop feelings for each other as they compete in tournaments and overcome challenges.

4. Meteor Garden

Meteor Garden

Shan Cai, a poor girl, enters a prestigious school and stands up to F4, a group of rich and handsome boys. 

Somehow, she attracts the attention of Dao Ming Si, the leader of F4, who tries to woo her with his rude and childish behaviour. 

They eventually fall in love, but face many obstacles along the way, including their class difference and their difficult pasts. 

If you’ve been in Cdramaland for any length of time (or if you even love Asian dramas), then you have probably heard about this one – this is hands-down one of the most epic enemies to lovers Chinese dramas released in recent times.

5. The Legends

The Legends Cdrama

Zhao Yao is betrayed and killed, and she believes this was done by her best friend, Mo Qing. 

Five years later, she possesses a young female disciple and tries to get her revenge on him, but he is now the sect leader. 

Essentially, they’re enemies (or, at least she thinks they are), but they find themselves drawn to each other.

6. Good Bye, My Princess

Goodbye My Princess cdrama

Xiao Feng, the princess of the Western Liang Kingdom, is betrothed to Li Cheng Yin, the crown prince of the Central Plains Kingdom. 

But, he has a hidden identity and a secret mission that involves killing her, and when they fall in love, their love is doomed by fate and politics.

7. The Romance of Hua Rong

The romance of Hua rong cdrama

Hua Rong, the daughter of a pirate king, escapes from an arranged marriage and meets Qin Shang Cheng, a naval officer. 

He captures her and brings her to his ship, where they bicker and fight. 

Even though they initially hate each other, they slowly realize that they have a lot in common and develop feelings for each other.

8. General and I


Bai Ping Ting, a brilliant strategist, and Chu Bei Jie, a powerful general, are enemies on opposite sides of a war. 

They meet by chance and are impressed by each other’s intelligence and skills. 

Soon enough, they fall in love, but their loyalty and duty test their relationship.

9. Legend of Fei

Legend of fei

Zhou Fei, the granddaughter of a legendary hero, and Xie Yun, a mysterious young man, join forces to fight against a corrupt regime. 

They encounter many dangers and enemies but also discover their true identities and destinies. 

This is another fantastic enemies to lovers romantic Chinese drama where hate turns to love, and I just know that you’re going to totally enjoy watching it.

10. Oh! My Sweet Liar!

Oh my Sweet Liar

Xiong Xi Ruo, a modern-day actress, travels back in time and pretends to be the wife of Li Hong Bin, a nobleman. 

He is suspicious of her and tries to expose her lies, but he also falls for her charm and wit. 

They have a hilarious and romantic journey as they deal with their fake marriage. 

11. Master Devil Do Not Kiss Me

Master Devil dont kiss me

An Chuxia, a poor orphan, is adopted by the wealthy Han family and becomes the stepsister of Han Qi Lu, a cold and arrogant boy. 

They constantly clash and bicker, but they also develop a mutual understanding and attraction that blooms into love. 

12. The Eternal Love

The Eternal Love

Qu Tan Er, the daughter of a noble family, is betrothed to the eighth prince, Mo Lian Cheng. 

But through a stroke of luck, the soul of Qu Xiao Tan, a modern and lively girl comes into her body, and it happens that the soul switches when either of them lies or becomes unconscious. 

Mo Lian Cheng dislikes Qu Tan Er, but falls for Qu Xiao Tan, who also has feelings for him, but they have to deal with their complicated relationship and the schemes of the royal court.

How many of these dramas do you think you’ll watch? I’ll tell you for a fact that they’ll definitely scratch the hate-turned-love Cdrama itch you have. 

Don’t forget to check the related posts for even more recommendations, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy watching!

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