“Everyone Loves Me” Episode 1 Review: Zhou Ye & Lin Yi Are In A Tricky Relationship

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If you have read any of my recent posts on the blog, you probably know that this has been one of my most anticipated Chinese dramas of 2024, and nobody had to remind me before I quickly ran to watch the first episode.

And I am very happy to report that I was definitely not disappointed. Lin Yi is a good actor, but I haven’t liked all of his projects. However, I knew that Zhou Ye would carry this one, so I was very much ready to give it a chance.

Also, I read the synopsis on MDL, so that made me even more excited to finally watch it, and these are my first impressions from watching the first episode of Everyone Loves Me.

Everyone loves me 2

Firstly, I love the colour palette of the entire drama. Perhaps it’s because the primary scenes are the university campus and the gaming company, but it felt warm to watch and very soothing, so that is a major point in my book right off the bat.

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And I don’t know why I never noticed this, but Lin Yi is actually very stunning and I can definitely see how much he has matured compared to when he starred in Put Your Head on My Shoulder. He is definitely a little more adultish, and rather hot if I’m being honest.

So, the gist of this drama is that Zhou Ye falls in love with Lin Yi the minute she meets him at one of those games where they shoot paintballs at each other, and then the winner is basically the last man standing (I can’t remember the name right now). But she didn’t leave a good impression on him because he felt she was a sellout (he called her a snake) when he witnessed her shoot her exhausted friends in the chest.

Everyone loves me 3

You guys, she was absolutely dumbstruck when she saw him. It was a little embarrassing, but basically, that is when her crush on him started, and she just carried it with her everywhere and she wasn’t afraid to do anything to get his attention. 

As for Lin Yi, he is a hobby gamer and a game developer as well, who has gotten offers from some of the biggest companies in the world, but he declined because he wants something that is homegrown and that represents the values he stands for.

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What he tells his friends is that he needs to work in a company where he is given full range over whatever game he develops because the bureaucratic nature of some companies makes it so that games that go off the beaten path are quashed from the very beginning.

So Lin Yi has all this in mind when he finally accepts another offer from a leading game company. And if you are thinking where Zhou Ye fits into all this, she actually works in his company, or at least she worked there.

It’s actually very funny because right before she met him at the human resources department, she had just spoken to all her colleagues and also the head of human resources, and basically talked about how she needed to expand her horizons and whatnot, and then he walks in, and she realises she can’t take back the resignation.

And this is the kicker: Both of them are anonymous gamers in a multiplayer game online, but they aren’t aware of each other’s identity. So while Lin Yi basically ignores Zhou Ye whenever she turns on the charm and tries to woo him, he is totally besotted with his online gaming friend (but he doesn’t know this is Zhou Ye).

Basically, he would spend his nights mooning over his internet friend and wishing she would reciprocate his feelings, but he would completely dismiss Zhou Ye. And while Zhou Ye followed him around like a lost puppy, she didn’t even think too much about her gaming friend.

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You guys can sue me if you want, but I am one of the people who love a good misunderstanding, and you have no idea how happy it makes me to see Zhou Ye and Lin Yi in this conundrum.

We only just watched the first episode, and already we’ve gotten hints of some workplace drama between Lin Yi and his bosses at work. At the moment, he has been told to develop a gaming concept to sell to the board at the meeting that’s supposed to be in a month’s time, but he has only his friend on the team and needs to recruit. 

In fact, while he was being given the task, some of his colleagues and seniors essentially said he was wasting his time because the board had a favourite, and that favorite was also in the running. But Lin Yi is nothing if not committed and a little daring, so he doesn’t pay heed to their advice and tells the board that he’ll be back in a month.

The way I see it, it seems he has some drama with that favourite senior his colleagues were talking about, but it remains to be seen, and I can’t wait to see what this is all about. Especially since this man is also Zhou Ye’s boss.  

This is literally only the first episode, and I can tell you for a fact that I totally love this drama. It’s not because the story is extraordinarily original, but it feels very lighthearted and so easy to get lost in.

Zhou Ye is a fantastic actress, and I am really not surprised because she has pulled off even more difficult feats in some bigger productions – Back From The Brink, Word of Honor, and more. Lin Yi is also doing a great job, and I just know he’s going to be a household name soon because it’s clear he puts his soul into things. 

Everyone loves me

My biggest problem at the moment is the fact that there are only two episodes available on YouTube but the Youku app already has the first seven episodes which can only be accessed with a VIP subscription. But it is so impossible to actually subscribe and I’m very curious to know how anyone does this. 

Have you started watching Everyone Loves Me? Will you watch it? Let me know what you’re thinking in the comment section, and we can talk.

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