A Vampire, A Gumiho, A Goblin, & A Demon: 4 Must-Watch K-Drama Recs

If you’ve been watching fantasy Korean dramas, you might notice that they have a penchant for casting the most talented actors or actresses as mythical creatures.

And of course, unlike the actual creatures which would probably make us all screech in horror, these leads are stunning in every way that counts.

Since each one manages to always make me fall in love, I’ve rounded up this super short list of four fantasy K-dramas with beings I watched and loved.

1. My Demon

My demon

If you haven’t heard about this drama, you’re probably living under a rock because the entire of December 2023 and January 2024 was dedicated to promoting this drama, waiting for new episodes, writing about this drama, and simping for both the male and female leads.

Gu Won (played by the super beautiful Song Kang) is a demon who does what demons do — take souls in exchange for granting favors – but the entire world couldn’t help but sigh with satisfaction every time he took a breath of air.

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2. Heartbeat


While the ending of this beautiful K-drama left a whole lot to be desired, we couldn’t help but be enthralled by Seon Woo Hyul, the temperamental, highly-fashionable vampire male lead of this drama.

Whether he was doing all he could to help Joo In Hae (the female lead) or he was simply being obnoxious with his two vampire besties, he was stunning at every point and I couldn’t help but fall in love.

3. My Roommate Is A Gumiho

My roommate is a gumiho 2

If we’re talking about a fantasy being that absolutely stole the show and even made me believe in love, the conversation would be incomplete without mentioning Woo Yeo, a goblin who wants to become human.

This was my first Jang Ki Yong drama, and to say I was impressed is probably an understatement – I completely fell in love with him.

4. Goblin


And then there’s Kim Shin who made me dearly wish I could transport myself into the screen.

Here, Gong Yoo plays Kim Shin, a goblin cursed to live an endless life until he meets his bride and when he meets her (Cha Eun Sang), he stumbles for the first time in his life.

Needless to say, the chemistry between the both of them was fire and I kept hoping upon hope that we would get a second season or at least another spinoff that focuses on them.

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Who or what’s your favorite mythical being from fantasy Korean dramas? Let me know in the comments section.

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