“Kill My Sins” Starring Liu Shi Shi Just Got A Male Lead & Might Start Filming Soon

Kill My Sins cdrama

This is really fantastic news for two reasons: Our female lead (Liu Shi Shi) and male lead (apparently, he’s going to be played by Dou Xiao) have the most insane visuals and this is an original script.

If you’ve watched Love In The Flames of War, you probably already know he’s an amazing actor, but if you don’t, take it from me that he’s genuinely so amazing. 

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And Liu Shi Shi shouldn’t be underestimated either because she has played some of the biggest roles in the most popular productions in recent years.

Shi Shi

Anticipation is particularly high for this one because it’s being helmed by Director Bai Shan who handled the 2020 historical drama Heroes and the more popular The Strange Tales of the Tang Dynasty

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Since this upcoming drama isn’t adapted from a novel or any other form of media, the risk of pushback is significantly lessened since there won’t be any comparisons to the original text.

And according to the information we’ve received so far, it appears that filming may start this month and we might get the drama in the third quarter of the year.

Kiss My Sins promises to be thrilling, but I’m worried that it’s going to be just another revenge historical drama — It seems our female lead will get implicated while she tries to find answers to her questions.

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It remains to be seen what will happen, so I’m holding out until we get some more information and it will be updated on the blog. 


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