Loved King The Land? Here Are 7 Even Sweeter Korean Dramas You’ll Enjoy

I think we all know that 2023 was an iconic years for Korean drama lovers all around the world.

We got so many beautiful releases, with everything from sweeping sageuks to funny, lighthearted rom-coms, and you guys, they were all so, so good.

In this post, I’ll be listing 7 beautiful and romantic Kdramas like King The Land that I absolutely, absolutely loved. 

And if you aren’t in the know, here’s a super short summary: King The Land follows Goo Won, who’s set to inherit a big hotel, and Sa Rang, a hardworking hotel employee who fall in love while navigating a shared workplace, sibling rivalry, and the difference in their class. 

King The Land 03

Needless to say, this romantic Kdrama completely floored me and it has been a few weeks since I completed the last episode and I’m still feeling the aftereffects. 

If you’ve been looking for a romantic Korean drama to watch after King The Land, you’re in luck – I’m about to dish out some really sweet options that will keep you hooked for hours. 

Here are 7 totally swoony Kdramas like King The Land to add to your watchlist: 

1. A Business Proposal


Both of these dramas have a lot of things in common right from the beginning. 

First, the main female characters in “A Business Proposal” and “King The Land,” Sa Rang and Ha Ri, are really smart, hardworking, and committed to their jobs. 

And the main male characters in both shows, Go Won and Tae Moo, are rich but a bit selfish. 

They gradually learn to love someone more than themselves, and I’ll tell you for free that the romance in both dramas is super sweet and touching. 

If you’ve been wanting a romantic and sweet Korean drama like King The Land to watch on Netflix, this is a great pick.

2. The Secret Life of My Secretary 

Secret Life of My Secretary kdrama

Much like Goo Won from King The Land, Min Ik from this beloved drama is also stuck in his own world in the early episodes, and this leads to some funny moments. 

The character development towards the end of the drama really redeemed my initial annoyance in the first episodes, and I so, so loved this beautiful drama.

Gal Hee, the female lead, was equally sweet, hardworking, and adorable, and I admired how committed she was to her job. 

Just like Sa Rang, she strived for perfection in her work, and it was truly commendable.

This is another perfect romantic Kdrama like King The Land you need to watch if you like the swoons, feels, and lots more.

3. My Secret Romance

My Secret Romance kdrama

When discussing rich, spoiled chaebols, it’s hard not to mention Jin Wook from My Secret Romance – I think he set the standard for wealthy and arrogant Kdrama CEOs.

This romantic Kdrama, like King The Land, is also centered around workplace romance, and I thoroughly enjoyed the moments when he would playfully tease her just because he could.

Similar to King The Land, My Secret Romance is sweet, romantic, and incredibly heartwarming. 

I truly believe you’ll find it enjoyable if you’re looking for something to watch after King The Land.

4. Dali And The Cocky Prince

Dali And The cocky prince kdrama

It’s hard to imagine watching Dali And The Cocky Prince and not completely falling in love with Moo Hak – he was genuinely endearing in the most wonderful way.

Even though he wasn’t born into wealth, he embraced his role, and seeing him navigate it with the sophisticated Da Li was exactly what my heart craved.

If you appreciated the sweetness and charm of Goo Won in King The Land, you’re definitely going to adore Moo Hak in this series.

This is hands-down one of the best Kdramas like King The Land, and I found the romance between the leads sweet and memorable.

5. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon

Strong Woman Do Bong Soon Kdrama

This is another romantic Kdrama similar to King The Land, featuring a chaebol CEO who’s hardworking, self-reflective, and incredibly charming.

Min Hyuk had a contagious golden retriever-like energy, and the way he was completely smitten by her was absolutely heartwarming.

Like Goo Won in King The Land, despite being born into wealth, Min Hyuk wasn’t too proud to apologize when he made mistakes. 

I couldn’t help but notice how both of them wholeheartedly embraced their relationships in such a wholesome manner.

6. The Heirs

Heirs Kdrama

I understand this addition might be a bit unexpected in a list primarily consisting of contemporary adult romance Korean dramas, but bear with me.

In both of these Kdramas, the lead characters start off as wealthy and somewhat selfish in the initial episodes. 

The dramas then delve into how their relationship evolves as they begin to date outside their respective social circles.

The tension arising from external pressures determined to uphold the established order adds an intriguing layer. 

And, this makes The Heirs a perfect romantic Kdrama akin to King The Land for those who enjoyed the show.

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7. Something About 1%

Something About 1% Kdrama

I can never get enough of Korean drama rich CEOs, and in this lovely Kdrama centered around a fake relationship, Jae In nailed his role as the perpetually annoyed male lead who eventually falls in love and turns into an endearing goofball.

Much like Sa Rang, Da Hyeon from Something About 1% wasn’t swayed by his wealth; instead, she fell for his true self, which was incredibly heartwarming.

Another similarity I noticed between the two dramas was the dynamic between Jae In and his grandfather, which mirrored the relationship between Goo Won and his father.

Something About 1% is frankly one of the best Kdramas that’s just like King The Land, and I’m confident you’ll love it!

And that’s a wrap!

I’ve just listed 7 perfect Kdramas like King The Land that you absolutely need to watch if you want something sweet and engaging to pass the hours.

I can tell you for certain that the romance in these dramas are fluffy and sweet and everything in between.

Please check out the related posts below for even more recommendations, and let me know what you think in the comments below.

Happy watching!

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