6 Amazing Kdramas Like Marry My Husband To Add To Your Watchlist

I know I’m not alone when I say that 2024 is already off to a good start, and Marry My Husband might quite possibly be my favorite Kdrama of all time. 

It definitely made it to my list of most anticipated Kdramas but I simply never expected that it would be so stunning and I’m honestly biting my nails waiting for next week’s episode.

Marry My Husband Korean drama

If you’re like me and you’re looking for a drama to fill the Marry My Husband–shaped hole in your schedule, I’ve got you covered – here are 6 other brilliant Kdramas like Marry My Husband you won’t want to miss. 

1. Perfect Marriage Revenge

Perfect marriage revenge

Han Yi Joo, a sweet underdog neglected and then killed by her family, travels back in time to change her fate and take revenge on those who hurt her.

So, she starts a contract marriage with her sister’s crush (sorry to say, but this absolutely crushed her sister) and using his family’s influence, she planted booby traps all around her enemies.

When news about Marry My Husband dropped, a lot of people kept saying it was entirely too similar to Perfect Marriage Revenge and as a person who has watched both, I’ll tell you for free that that couldn’t be further from the truth. 

There’s the time travel element and the horrible family trope (and the fact that the male leads also went into the past), but they couldn’t be more different and I know you’ll enjoy Perfect Marriage Revenge if you like Marry My Husband. 

2. Marry Him If You Dare

Marry him if you dare

Na Mi Rae goes back in time to avoid marrying a news anchor and change her life path. 

Everything in this drama takes place in the television broadcasting world, and you guys, I live for dramas where the leads go back in time and change their destiny. 

Just like Ji Won from Marry My Husband, Na Mi Rae is determined to make sure someone else inherits her problems. 

3. Reborn Rich

Reborn rich

Also about revenge and time travel, this time around, Secretary Yoon Hyun Woo (played by Song Joong Ki from Vincenzo) is betrayed and killed.

But he reincarnates as the youngest member of that same powerful family, and he starts his plot to take over and get revenge against those who wronged him.

This might not be a time travel drama, but the time jump and revenge theme is strong in this one and it’s another perfect Kdrama like Marry My Husband you definitely want to give a chance. 

4. Eve

Eve kdrama

Lee Ra El wants to take revenge on the wealthy CEO who orchestrated her family’s downfall.

And her weapon of choice is a billion-dollar divorce battle, but the journey ahead is both legally and personally difficult for her. 

One thing I feel is similar between Ra El from Eve and Ji Won from Marry My Husband is that they’re both so calculating, and secretive, and they take losses like a champ. 

5. Again My Life

Again My Life kdrama

Kim Hee Woo, a public prosecutor, is killed during a corruption investigation but he gets a second chance in life and is taken years into the past. 

You guys, when I say he bided his time, I’m not kidding because from the problems he faced in his first life, he knew about the complex web of power brokers and he knew he needed to be smart about it.

One thing about this Korean drama that’s just like Marry My Husband is that Hee Won and Ji Won were wise enough to know that suddenly tipping the cart could negatively affect them and they intentionally mingled with and learned the weaknesses of their enemies. 

6. Kairos

Kairos kdrama

In this drama, Ae Ri, a part-timer, receives a call from a man 31 days in the future who wants her help, and together, they try to undo a tragic event involving Seo Jin’s family and Ae Ri’s mother.

This isn’t strictly a revenge Kdrama and there isn’t time-travelling either, but there’s the element of persons in the past and future doing their best to manipulate their circumstances with the information they got from each other. 

What did you think about the previous episode of Marry My Husband? You guys, I’ve been on tenterhooks and I know that Ji Won is just getting started. 

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