8 Romance-Free Korean Dramas That Hit The Right Notes

While Korean dramas are super popular around the world, I have to admit that the titles on people’s lips are usually cutesy, romantic dramas.

And I’ll be the first one to also admit that not everyone likes the same things, so finding recommendations can be difficult for those who’d rather not watch something fluffy.

In this post, I’ve listed some super amazing Korean dramas without romance (or with romance as a tiny, tiny subplot that you’ll absolutely enjoy).

1. Move To Heaven

Move to heaven

Han Geu Roo, an autistic 20-year-old, works for his father’s crime scene cleanup business.

When his father dies, his ex-convict uncle must work with him for three months to gain guardianship, and this lovely drama is all about loss, family, and new friendships.

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2. Mother

Mother Kdrama

Soo Jin hatches a plan with her student who’s being abused by her mother and her mother’s boyfriend for them to run away.

While on the road, we learn about the different ways mothers play the roles given to them in their children’s lives, and this is a perfect option if romance isn’t your jam.

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3. Memorist

Memorist kdrama

Detective Dong Baek can delve into a person’s memories by touching them, and soon he teams up with profiler Han Sun Mi to catch a serial killer with similar abilities.

The romance in this drama is minimal at best, so it’s the perfect no-romance Korean drama to watch if you like hard-core stuff.

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4. Revenant

Revenant Korean drama

Ku San Young is possessed by a demon, and Yeom Hae Sang can see it, so they join hands with Lee Hong Sae, a sceptical police officer, to investigate the mysterious deaths related to several sacred objects.

There’s hinted affection between Hong Sae and San Young, but that never goes anywhere, and we get to focus on the thriller and horror in its entirety.

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5. Vagabond

Vagabond kdrama

Cha Dal Gun wants to find out the truth behind a plane crash that killed his nephew, and then he meets Go Hae Ri, an NIS agent, who is also investigating the crash.

If you’ve watched this drama, you probably already know about the worldwide clamour for a season 2 that’d be dedicated to their romance, but we haven’t gotten it, and by all indications, we won’t ever get it.

The romance in this one isn’t explicit either, but the on-screen chemistry between Dal Gun and Hae Ri made every minute of this drama sparkle, but it’s still very much an action thriller at the heart of it.

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6. Diary Of A Prosecutor

Diary Of A Prosecutor Korean drama

This slice-of-life Korean drama shows the daily routines of overworked prosecutors Lee Sun Woong and Cha Myung Joo, and if you’d like to see the innards of the legal system, this is a perfect option.

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7. Uncanny Counter

The Uncanny Counter Korean drama

I have a running theory that the showrunners of this drama would have gotten tired of fending off attacks from enthusiastic shippers over time.

There has been no explicit romance in either season of The Uncanny Counter, but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been personally wishing for some lovin’ for our team.

8. Kairos


Ae Ri receives a call from a man three months in the future asking for help, and then she and Seo Jin try to undo their family’s tragedies with each other’s help.

You might recognize our female lead in this drama from The Red Sleeve (where she played Sung Deok Im), but I’ll tell you for free that this drama is psychological in the most poignant way and you’re going to run circles in your brain.

There isn’t any romance, though, so rest assured that there isn’t smooching or heartfelt declarations of any such, so you can focus on the primary storyline.

How many of these Korean dramas without romance will you watch? Let me know which ones stand out in the comment section and check out the related posts for even more content.

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