Long-Awaited C-Drama Sequel “Joy of Life Season 2” Surpasses 12 Million Reservations On Tencent Video

Joy of life Chinese drama

The statistics show that the second season of 2019 historical Chinese drama Joy of Life just achieved a milestone with more than 12 million reservations on Tencent Video. 

This isn’t really a surprise because the first season while airing in 2019 and in the intervening years has clearly had the most amazing fanbase that made the drama trend from time to time. 

Joy of life 4

Needless to say, expectations are particularly high for this drama and viewers will be keeping their eyes peeled for any shift in energy or change of vibe compared to the first season. 

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Season 1 of the drama introduced us to Fan Qian who, after surviving an assassination attempt, goes to the capital to find out more about the hired killers and his actual identity. 

But he soon gets embroiled in the politics of the realm and some of the biggest personalities who could essentially be called the movers and the shakers. 

By the end of the first season, he had found his footing to a reasonable extent but from the information provided on the second season, the annoyances left in his wake will come back to trouble him. 

Zhang Ruo Yun reprises his role as Fan Xian, same as Li Qin who played Lin Wan Er, Chen Dao Ming who played Emperor of Qing, and Wu Gang who played Chen Ping Ping. 

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To celebrate the milestone, the team released yet another poster that shows our leads in landscape mode and the tension is only building. Here it is: 

Joy of life 3

The first season was available on Viki, WeTV, Tencent Video, Prime Video, and the YoYo YouTube channel, but information hasn’t been released on OTT deals, so we can only assume the same will apply here. 

The web novel (source material) has an even larger following and aside from faithfulness to the first season, it’s clear that people are especially enthralled by the possibility of changes in the book-to-screen adaptation which is unavoidable. 

Rather fortunately, we still have the same screenwriter and director combo (Wang Juan and Sun Hao respectively), so I’m certain this drama is totally in safe hands. 

More information will be updated on the site as it is made available by the showrunners.


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