Love Me, Love My Voice (2023) Summary & Review: Zhou Ye & Tan Jian Ci Shine In This Fluffy Romance C-Drama

Love Me, Love My Voice (2023) Chinese Drama Review
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Whenever I think about what I love the most about Chinese dramas, my mind always goes to the level of tenderness the leads show each other, and this drama made me feel all kinds of things.

I absolutely love it when the protagonists in a drama have amazing chemistry, and it’s very clear that they deeply care for each other and that they hold each other in high regard.

The most recent project of our female lead, which I watched and enjoyed, was Everyone Loves Me, and her character in this drama is very different, but I’ll talk about this in a minute.

At this point, just suffice it to say that I absolutely loved every single part of this drama, and I have a feeling I am going to be recommending it to everyone for the nearest future.

What Is Love Me Love My Voice About?

Both our male and female leads are in the voice acting industry; our female lead, Gu Sheng, is a composer and singer of traditional-style music, while our male lead, Qing Cheng, is a doctor who moonlights as an extremely famous voice actor and musician.

Just like many other people, she’s a very big fan of his, and one day when he pops into her voice chat to give her a meal recommendation, she falls all the more in love. Soon enough, they meet in person, and then their love starts developing from there.

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This drama doesn’t have a lot going for it plot-wise because it’s very light-hearted, so the romance is the primary focus of the drama, but it doesn’t take away from its wholesomeness.

Love Me love my voice 1

The secondary couple is our primary couple’s best friends, and those two run around each other for a good while even though they clearly have feelings for each other, but eventually, they get their HEA as well. 

My Review of Love Me Love My Voice

Before I get into my review properly, I’ll quickly say that I absolutely love the way Chinese dramas take a very niche community and highlight the characters and the beautiful points about it.

In this drama, we got to see the voice-acting community, and I love the sense of normalcy at every single point in time. So, while it is very much about the romantic relationships between the characters, it’s also about their love for performance and the family that they created for themselves.

It was so great to see both our female and our male leads having a very strong community in every single place they found themselves in, and I genuinely think we need to see more and more stories like this.

Love Me love my voice4

So, if you remember, I mentioned earlier that our ML is a doctor and also a professional voice actor and musician. You guys, he had a type of solid backing on these two ends. Meanwhile, the female lead is a student who also works as a musician and a music composer, and she also comes from a very big family.

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When I think about both of them and their communities, I realize that everything they received and how they were taken care of by other people around them was a direct result of the love they poured into their crafts and other people.

Just as I said earlier, I absolutely love romantic Chinese dramas where love and tenderness are at the forefront of the relationship between the characters.

You guys, our ML and FL were smitten with each other from the very beginning, and they made sure they were very open about their intentions. As for the male lead, his friends literally had to tell him to calm down because it was as if the minute he met her and realized the depth of his feelings for her, he was ready to go all in.

I always say this whenever I am privileged to review a Chinese drama, but I would say it again here: it’s great that we get to see not only how external factors bear on the relationship but also about the natural progression of a trouble-free bonding between two people who have feelings for each other.

As a person who has watched a lot of Korean dramas, I can tell you for a fact that Korean scriptwriters usually input some type of serious external conflict, perhaps to make the story more solid. But looking at the Chinese drama example, there’s really no need to do that.

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Love Me love my voice44

And if you have gotten to this point, you can probably already see that I absolutely loved the characters of the drama. Talking about every single one is going to make this article too long, so let me focus on our primary couple.

Our female lead, Gu Sheng, is funny, naive, and very innocent, and this is shown through her actions, the way she dresses, and her interactions with other people. The way she raids her family store always cracked me up, and even in her element, you could tell that she was a person with a strong character and very emotionally intelligent because this came up several times in the drama.

Our male lead is so beautiful and lovely, and I know that there’s usually this saying that opposites attract, but in this drama, we see that our leads basically have the same temperament. Even though he is six years older than her, he is still as awkward and as innocent, and that was just lovely to see.

I personally feel that this is more fitting, especially in real life, and I really can’t imagine what our male lead would have made of her if she had the temperament of her character in Everyone Loves Me. So, while she was like an adorable puppy, he was ready to tend to her day and night, and the way I felt during those scenes just reminded me that anybody I end up dating must have acts of service as their love language.

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Just as I said earlier, there isn’t any genuine conflict in the drama. Their relationship is peaceful for the most part, so don’t worry about any pesky love triangle or dilemma because none of that is thrown in, and I absolutely appreciated that.

One thing I noticed in this drama, though, was that almost everybody our leads came in contact with turned out to be in the voice acting scene or traditional music scene, which is very interesting to me because what are the odds everyone could be involved in this particular industry?

Either way, it made me see that there’s a whole other world outside of what we know as music and definitely reminded me about the importance of community and how you can find your family wherever your heart goes.


I know that this entire post reads as a paid advertisement for this drama, but you guys, please watch Love Me Love My Voice if you haven’t already, and I promise you’re going to totally enjoy it.

I watched it on YouTube, and it’s available with complete subtitles in every single language, and of course, there’s the option to toggle the quality, which is amazing if you live somewhere like me where internet connectivity can be a headache.

I would recommend Love Me Love My Voice to anyone who wants to watch a light-hearted, uncomplicated Chinese drama with the most heartwarming romance and lovable characters you would ever meet.

Let me know if you watched it and if you enjoyed it in the comments section below. And if you want some more recommendations, here is a list of some beautiful and wholesome Chinese dramas you should check out right now.

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