Top 17 Most Watched Chinese Dramas on Viki That Are Super Interesting

Viki is one of the most popular OTT platforms for Chinese dramas (followed by Netflix and Youku) and their Cdrama selection is top-notch. 

Every month, millions of viewers from all around the world log in to stream their favourite Chinese dramas and over the years, some dramas have been watched and rewatched time and time again they’ve become the most popular. 

So in this post, I’ve listed 17 of the most popular Chinese dramas on Viki you need to watch if you haven’t and I know you’ll love them!

1. Love 020

Love 020 cdrama

Xiao Nai, a popular student and gaming expert, falls for Bei Wei Wei, a computer science major known for her online gaming skills, and then he uses his real-life and gaming talents to win her heart.

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2. Go Go Squid

Go Go squid

Tong Nian, a computer science genius and online singer, falls for Han Shang Yan, a retired esports legend. 

But many misunderstandings and coincidences start cropping up when Tong Nian gets involved in Han Shang Yan’s esports club and discovers his painful past.

3. The Rebel Princess

Rebel Princess cdrana

Wang Xuan and Xiao Qi marry for power and eventually fall in love while trying to survive the court intrigue and external threats to protect their homeland.

4. Falling Into Your Smile

Falling Into Your Smile chinese

Lu Si Cheng, captain of a top esports team, reluctantly accepts Tong Yao, an amateur gamer, as a substitute player. 

As they bond, their relationship polarizes the team’s fan base and if you want a totally fantastic best Chinese drama to watch on Viki right now, you’re going to love this one. 

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5. A Love So Beautiful

A love so beautiful 01

Chen Xiao Xi has had a crush on Jiang Chen, her high school classmate and neighbour known for his looks and grades, and she does all she can to make him fall for her too.

6. The Long Ballad

The long Ballad Cdrama

Li Chang Ge wants to get revenge for her family’s slaughter but is defeated and becomes a strategist for her conqueror, General Ashile Sun, which leads to a romantic relationship.

7. Legend Of Fuyao

Legend of fuyao

Fu Yao, adopted as an orphan, meets Crown Prince Zhang Sun Wu Ji and together they tackle political issues and discover the secrets about her birth.

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8. You Are My Hero

You are my hero

Mi Ka, a doctor, meets Special Forces Captain Xing Ke Lei during a jewel heist and their relationship develops as they experience several military and medical situations.

You Are My Hero is another personal favourite Chinese drama on Viki that’s super popular and also very much interesting to watch. 

9. Ashes Of Love

Ashes of love

Jin Mi, daughter of the Flower Deity, sets out on an adventure after meeting Xu Feng, the Fire Deity, and leaves the Flower Realm to explore the realms and even a love trial.

10. Princess Agents

Princess Agents

Chu Qiao, a slave girl, is saved by Yan Xun, Prince of Yanbei. 

And soon after, she navigates power struggles, strict training, and companionship with Yan Xun while trying to survive in a cruel world.

11. Eternal Love

Eternal Love cdrama

Bai Qian, a Nine-tailed Fox, loses her memory and divine power in the mortal realm, where she meets Crown Prince Ye Hua, who looks like her lost love and mentor, Mo Yuan.

12. Love Me If You Dare

Love me if you dare

Criminal psychologist Bo Jinyan, with the help of his assistant Jenny Jian Yao, the daughter of a veteran police investigator, delves into the minds of violent criminals. 

We’ve seen examples of many romance dramas and while this one is also super romantic, this is one of the crime/suspense Chinese dramas on Viki that’s also worth watching

13. Go Ahead

Go ahead cdrama

Ling Xiao, He Zi Qiu, and Li Jian Jian, unrelated by blood, form a family bond amidst dysfunctional backgrounds. 

When they then reunite after nine years, they confront their past to heal and grow and it was the sweetest thing ever. 

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14. Under The Power

Under the power cdrama

Lu Yi, a high-ranking officer, and Yuan Jin Xia, a female officer, clash over cases but discover a conspiracy while developing feelings for each other.

15. Nirvana In Fire

Royal nirvana

Lin Shu, disguised as Mei Chang Su, seeks justice for his family’s unjust execution and does what he can to help Prince Jing cleanse the court of corruption.

You guys, Nirvana In Fire is one of the OG historical Chinese dramas, but I promise it’s so, so good and if you want something popular to watch on Viki with a dedicated fanbase, this is it. 

16. Love Designer

Love Designer cdrama

Fashion designer Zhou Fang and businessman Song Lin compete but eventually develop feelings while working together.

17. The Brightest Star In The Sky

The Brightest Star In The star

Yang Zhen Zhen guides unruly idol Zheng Bo Xu to success while navigating the rivalry between Star Entertainment’s founders and nurturing a new talent, Yu Zi Rui.

Isn’t Viki awesome? It might be mainly popular because of its Japanese and Korean drama libraries, but the Chinese dramas are just as stunning and you’re going to love them.

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