New C-Drama “Love on the Turquoise Land” Starring Dilraba Dilmurat & Chen Zhe Yuan Shift Filming To Second Half of 2024

Love on Turquoise Land

The filming of Dilraba Dilmurat’s latest drama Love on the Turquoise Land has been shifted to the second half of 2024 which means we probably won’t get to watch it this year.

From the little we know about this drama, it’s a Tencent original thriller Cdrama starring Dilraba Dilmurat as Nie Jiu Lao and Chen Zhe Yuan as Yan Tuo.

Both characters are connected by an eternally curious man in the Qin Dynasty who dispatched a special group (called the Tangled Army) to find the truth about immortality but they never returned.

Love on Turquoise Land 2

With the way Asian entertainment is very much people-focused, the fans are the biggest advocates for their biases and we’ve known about the misogyny-fueled pay gap in the industry for quite a while. 

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This often means that female actors, however experienced, are paid less than their male counterparts. But, there’s been a movement towards pay being determined by level of experience in the past decade, which in my opinion, is the best approach. 

The entire drama at the moment is that Chen Zhe Yuan’s (he’s the male lead) team have laid their terms and they’re essentially arguing for equal payment for both leads. And so this postponement is coming after weeks of CZY’s fans advocating for equal pay.

Chen Zhe Yuans

Yes, he might be a hotshot and all at the moment, but Dilraba’s name has been in people’s mouths for decades and compared to her, he’s essentially a novice, so it doesn’t really make sense. 

But the producers are definitely bowing under the mounting pressure and the departure of some investors isn’t doing them any favours.

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The postponement of filming until the second half of 2024 is to help them secure more funding, but it’s unclear whether this would be feasible in the long run since there are rumours Chen Zhe Yuan may be completely replaced for them to proceed.

Dilraba Dilmurat

I can’t imagine when they reconvene and everyone (from actors to crew) is pensive and exasperated due to the many months of waiting due to one actor’s unreasonable demands. 

The way I see it, their schedules are now open so they’ll probably continue pursuing other projects, but this collaboration is definitely going to be in the works for a while.

What do you think? Is Chen Zhe Yuan’s team right in demanding equal pay? What does an outright refusal mean for this production? Let me know your thoughts in the comments. 

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