New Chinese Drama “Xiao Ri Zi” Starring Chen Xiao & Tong Yao Confirms Release

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Xiao Ri Zi or 小日子 follows a husband and wife who move to Shanghai for a better life, but realise that they slowly start to lose themselves and are unhappy. 

It’s based on a web-novel and we’ll get to see how these two ultimately decide to handle the many problems that crop up and I already know it’s going to be so heartfelt. 

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News has now been released that this family drama starring Chen Xiao and Tong Yao will officially hit our screens on March 14th and it’s slated to have 24 episodes with one episode being released on every day of the week.

Chen Xiao who plays Zhu Jin Cao in this drama who just recently starred in the 2023 slice-of-life drama Incomparable Beauty and he has several other main roles under his belt – Have you watched A Dream of Splendor

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And, Tong Yao is also an established actress with several main role and support role credits to her name; most notably being her role as Gu Jia in Nothing But Thirty

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Other notable cast members include Ying Er (who starred in Shuke and Peach Blossom) as well as Qiao Zhen Yu who played Tian Guo Li in Liberation of Shanghai and Hong Yu Xiao in Great Age

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At the helm is An Jian who’s more popular for his directorship of non-romance dramas, but he brings a certain kind of poignant feel to the table so I know he’ll do justice to the drama. 

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Xiao Ri Zi will be available to watch with subtitles in different languages on Tencent Video (app & YouTube channel), Dragon TV, and ZJTV for free or with a subscription to access the released episodes before others. 

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