New Modern C-Drama “Angels Fall Sometimes” Starring Lin Yi & Landy Li Will Broadcast On March 9th

Angels falls sometimes march 9th

If you’ve been keeping up with Chinese drama news, then you probably know that Lin Yi is having the busiest year so far because he has a lot of projects lined up to finally be released (this one finished filming a while back).

First, there was Derailment which rounded up in January; then, Everyone Loves Me, which will start on March 1st; and even Ski Into Love where Lin Yi plays a discouraged professional snowboarder who decides to give it one last shot. 

Angels falls sometimes 1

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To add to the stack is this upcoming romantic melodrama C-drama where Lin Yi plays Lin Tuo, a man with ALS who slowly learns to love his life again — Tell me he doesn’t have range, I dare you. 

I find it very poetic that another name for this drama is If There Is Still Time Left, and based on the information on MDL, he really does all he can to spend the rest of his life as happily as possible. 

Living with a terminal illness can’t be easy and I’m happy that this bittersweet drama will show us the heavy and happy moments of life from an individual in this situation.

Angels falls sometimes2

Our female lead is the ethereal Landy Li who’ll play An Zhi Que, a character who has been in our male lead’s life at every point of time and in different capacities. 

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Landy Li starred in GO Into Your Heart and I loved her role as Cheng Liao a whole lot in that drama. And in 2023, she was the female lead of The Starry Love and her antics as Ye Tan made me laugh a lot of times. 

Angels falls sometimes7

I can already tell that the romance between them will be slow and heartwarming and all kinds of sweet, and even though it’s unlikely, I’m seriously manifesting a happily ever after for them. 

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As far as we know at this point, Angels Fall Sometimes will have 24 episodes available to watch on CCTV and WETV for international viewers from March 9th with new episodes being released every day of the week. 

Needless to say, I have very high expectations for this lovely drama and I think you should too because have you seen the cast lineup? It’s positively dazzling.

Angels falls sometimes5

What’s your favourite Lin Yi Chinese drama of all time? Which would you always recommend? And, how many of his upcoming Chinese dramas will you give a chance? 

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