Upcoming Thai Dramas (Lakorn) Coming Out In November 2023 To Watch

New Thai dramas coming out in November 2023 to watch now

If you love a good lakorn, get ready because November might be the month you abandon any thoughts of leaving your house – You’ll be absolutely hooked on these new Thai dramas coming out in November.

There’s everything from the latest Thai BL drama to thrillers that’ll make you jump, and there are even a few soulful historical dramas that promise to be oh-so-interesting. 

Mekong, The Sign, Coin Digger, & Other Fantastic New Thai Dramas To Watch In November 2023: 

1. Mekong – November 6th


Mekong is a historical adventure centred on the search for Vietnam War soldiers, the Phuri tribe, and the legendary Naga in the Mekong River region. 

The story follows Dave Shaun, an American war veteran managing a bridge construction project, and Kimberly Baker, a professor studying the Phuri tribe. 

This tale weaves together their journeys in pursuit of these intriguing elements, and how their lives change because of it. 

2. Shadow – October 31st

Shadow drama

In 1999, Dan, a high school student, transfers to Saint Lawrence’s, an all-boys Catholic school, while his father battles end-stage brain cancer – he lost his mother at a young age.

He then forms a close bond with Brother Anurak, the school’s dean and psychologist, who attempts to alleviate Dan’s sleep paralysis and unsettling dreams. 

As Dan befriends classmates and delves into the mystery surrounding a vanished senior named Trin, they also work to unravel the enigma behind the shadow haunting Dan.

This new Thai thriller coming out in November 2023 sounds like my idea of a fun time, and I just know I’m going to so enjoy it!

3. Coin Digger – November 2nd

Coin Digger drama

Coin Digger narrates the tale of a new generation determined to dismantle capitalism and seek revenge, blurring the lines of ethics and morality in their pursuit. 

The narrative underscores the potential strength of an underdog while emphasizing the perils inherent in the pursuit of vengeance.

4. Wednesday Club – November 6th

Wednesday Club drama

The Wednesday Club is a group of seven middle children who share a common feeling of being overlooked and unaccepted. 

Its members, including Kong, Phali, Tam, May, Kun, Mac, and Pheem, abide by a strict rule – to preserve harmony in the club, they can’t get romantically involved with themselves.

I’ve seen some stills and, you guys, this upcoming Thai drama coming out in November 2023 has a type of noir vibe that always, always hints at something more, and I can’t wait to check it out. 

5. The Office Games – November 16th

The office games drama

Alice, a strong and confident woman, must earn money to support her family. 

Meanwhile, Mes, a former engineer, struggles after a building he designed collapsed. 

They both work for a bank, and they face pressure from the national finance situation and conniving colleagues aiming for success through underhanded tactics.

6. Middleman’s Love – November 10th

Middlemans love drama

Jade, a graphic designer and the middle child, has always felt overlooked due to the good looks of his siblings and friends. 

He’s resigned to his role as a middleman for those seeking to connect with his more attractive peers. 

When an attractive intern named Mai joins his office, he assumes she’s interested in his friend Uea, but little does he know, Mai is actually interested in him. 

This unexpected twist in his role as the middleman promises an intriguing turn of events, and this November 2023 new Thai romance drama sounds so interesting. 

7. Seven Days Before Valentine – November 22nd

Seven days before valentine drama

A struggling model and actor faces a turbulent love life crisis. 

Just as he is contemplating his next move, a mysterious figure with supernatural abilities appears, and the figure promises to mend his past romance within a week. 

Yet, this assistance comes at a steep cost, as the enigmatic figure imparts a valuable but costly lesson.

8. For Him – November 30th

For Him drama

The narrator’s connection with Him initially started as a one-night encounter, but He desired a deeper connection. 

Gradually, He became an integral part of the narrator’s life, and this led to a surrendering of oneself to Him. 

This new Thai drama coming out in November 2023 is adapted from the novel For Him

9. The Sign – November 25th

The sign drama

Tharn has always had the ability to foresee the fates of those he encounters, and through this, he’s able to know their flaws. 

And when Tharn, who is the most warm-hearted individual, crosses paths with the intelligent and affable Phaya, it’s almost as if they’ve always known each other. 

Together, they form a formidable duo within a team of special investigators, and you guys, if you’ve been looking for a new Thai BL drama to add to your list, you’re going to absolutely love this one. 

10. Playboyy – November 16th

Playboyy drama

Zoey and Nont team up to investigate the disappearance of Zoey’s best friend Nant. 

Together with First, they uncover a dark world involving the sex industry, illegal pornography, drug-related hook-ups, and covert sex work, revealing the darkest aspects of human nature. 

And amidst all this, Zoey faces her fear of sex, and First delves into the world of ecstasy with an ex-sex worker.

As they search for Nant, they also embark on a journey of self-discovery, and this raises questions about whether they’ll find the missing person or uncover hidden truths about themselves.

11. Boyy of God – November 2023

Boyy of God drama

Coach Man in Srisaket leads the Maitree Gospel Church, as he took on the responsibilities after his parents died. 

Alongside his church duties, he serves as a PE teacher and established a Christian water polo club at the local high school. 

The club, comprising members like Sawan, Champ, Touch, Poo, Yot, Petch, Kob, Me, Tao, Kem, Sun, and newcomer Lert, receives assistance from Cha, an alum who supports coaching and church activities.

This kicks off a romance like no other, and I’m so seated for whatever we’re going to get in this new Thai BL drama coming out in November 2023.

Do any of these dramas interest you? Will you be checking any of them out? Let me know what you think in the comments below. 

These upcoming November 2023 Thai dramas sound so good, and between the new Kdramas, Cdramas, and these ones, Lord knows I might not have time to even eat!

Anyway, check out the related posts below for even more awesome content and I’m certain you’ll find some new recommendations to love. 


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