10+ New & Interesting K-Dramas Coming Out In November 2023

Upcoming kdramas coming out november 2023 to watch

You’re here! It’s November! We made it this far! Congratulations to all of us!!

You guys, this year will go down in history as the year that saw me falling in love every full moon, crying until my eyes resembled saucers when I got to episode 16 of a favourite drama, and obsessively marking my calendar as I counted down to the release date of my favourite drama.

This is all to say that I’ve literally been overflowing with goodness since the beginning of the year, and November won’t be any different. 

If you’ve been looking for new dramas to keep you occupied this new month, you’re in the right place – I’ve compiled this list of the best upcoming Korean dramas coming out in November 2023 that you can’t miss. 

Vigilante, The Matchmakers, Moon In The Day, & other upcoming Korean dramas coming out in November 2023 you can’t miss: 

1. Daily Dose Of Sunshine – November 3rd 

Jung Da Eun who is a nurse gets transferred to the neuropsychiatry department and soon realizes that she may be in way over her head.

But she perseveres with the support of Chief Nurse Song Hyo Jin, and she soon grows to love her job. 

Doctor Dong Go Yoon, who specializes in proctology loves Da Eun’s energy, and he finds that her personality brings healing and joy to his life. 

Meanwhile, Jung Da Eun’s friend, Song Yoo Chan, appears bright but carries hidden pain in this drama adapted from the webtoon Jeongsinbyeongdongedo Achimi Wayo by Iraha.

This is one of the November 2023 upcoming Korean dramas coming out on Netflix that you don’t want to miss if you loved Park Bo Young in Strong Woman Do Bong Soon. 

2. Moon In The Day – November 1st

Han Joon Oh, a South Korean celebrity, is handsome but plagued by an inferiority complex.

During a public service video shoot gone wrong, he survives a car collision thanks to firefighter Kang Young Hwa. 

She then becomes his bodyguard due to her skills, but soon Joon Oh’s body is now possessed by the vengeful spirit of a nobleman seeking revenge. 

Adapted from the webtoon The Moon that Rises in the Day, you really don’t want to miss this upcoming Kdrama that promises to be sweet, romantic, and angsty. 

3. A Bloody Lucky Day – November 20th

One day, Oh Taek, an ordinary taxi driver, agrees to take a passenger to Mokpo for a generous payment. 

But, he soon discovers that his passenger is a serial killer. 

And a harrowing and suspenseful journey unfolds as Oh Teak must navigate this terrifying situation.

4. Goryeo-Khitan War – November 11th

This upcoming historical drama slated for release in November 2023 centers on the second and third phases of the Goryeo-Khitan War.

It follows King Hyeonjong of Goryeo and his mentor, Commander-in-Chief Gang Gam Chan, as they rally the Goryeo populace for a campaign against the Khitan. 

The series is based on Gil Seung Soo’s novel of the same name, and it’s perfect for any saeguk lover who’s keen on getting sucked into another epic. 

5. Once Upon A Boyhood – November 24th

Set in the mid-to-late 1980s, this drama takes place at a Chungcheong Province agricultural high school, where students live and breathe under a heaving societal hierarchy. 

Then, Jang Byung Tae, a frail boy from Onyang, relocates to Buyeo Agricultural High School to escape his low social status. 

But his life takes a sharp turn when he encounters an unforeseen incident at his new school.

There are a lot of reasons I’m looking forward to this highly-anticipated November 2023 Korean drama, but top of all is that I’m ready to follow Im Si Wan to the depths of hell if he asks (no judging!)

6. The Story of Park’s Marriage Contract – November 24th

In the 19th century, Park Yeon Woo’s husband dies on their wedding night due to a heart condition, and she is left devastated. 

Shortly after, she’s kidnapped and thrown into a well, only to wake up in present-day Seoul.

There, she encounters Kang Tae Ha, who remarkably resembles her late husband. 

Kang Tae Ha, a successful but emotionally guarded man, decides to enter a contract marriage with Park Yeon Woo to fulfil his ill grandfather’s dying wish of witnessing a wedding.

I’ve watched the trailer of this drama and you guys, their chemistry is literally chemistry-ing at every point, and I’m so seated for whatever they can give me.

7. Vigilante – November 8th

As a child, Kim Ji Yong’s mother was fatally beaten, and her killer received a mere three and a half years in prison. 

Now an adult, Ji Yong discovers that the murderer still hasn’t changed, and taking justice into his own hands, he brutally punishes him. 

This leads to Ji Yong living a double life – a model student at the police university on weekdays and a vigilante punishing unrepentant criminals with light sentences on weekends – he is helped by Cho Kang Ok who admires him a lot.

Meanwhile, Detective Cho Heon pursues the enigmatic figure known as Vigilante, and he remains as evasive as ever.

I loved Taxi Driver, so you just know that any drama with a similar premise gets my vote of confidence, and with Nam Joo Hyuk (Start-Up, Twenty-Five Twenty-One, Weightlifting Fairy Bok Joo) as the leading man, Vigilante is definitely going to be fab. 

8. My Demon – November 24th

Do Do Hee, the successor of the Future Group, is known for her aloof and distrustful nature, particularly towards love. 

But somehow, she ends up entering a contract marriage with Jung Koo Won, a centuries-old demon who thrives on perilous bargains with humans. 

Despite his disdain for humanity, he becomes entangled with Do Do Hee and unexpectedly loses his powers. 

To ensure his survival, he must safeguard her, as she now wields his entire strength, and soon their contract relationship becomes a romantic one. 

You guys know that a fake relationship Kdrama has my heart any time of the day, so I’m so much looking forward to this delight starring the beautiful Song Kang (Nevertheless, Love Alarm) and even more beautiful Kim Yoo Jung (kid actor on every saeguk you can think of, Lovers of the Red Sky, Backstreet Rookie, Love In The Moonlight). 

9. Tell Me That You Love Me – November 2023

Cha Jin Woo, who has a hearing impairment, prefers expressing himself through drawings due to discomfort with speaking. 

Then, he crosses paths with Jung Mo Eun, an aspiring actress who communicates through words. 

Their unique ways of expression lead to a deep romantic connection as they fall in love.

I haven’t seen much information about this, but you guys, it looks, sounds, and feels so good and I think music lovers would absolutely enjoy this Korean drama coming out in November 2023 – it also helps that it reminds me of Twinkling Watermelon, my fave Kdrama at the moment. 

10. The Matchmakers – October 30

Sim Jung Woo, an intelligent and accomplished young man, was unexpectedly chosen to become the princess’ husband, despite being the youngest to top the state examination. 

But tragedy struck during their wedding ceremony as the princess passed away, and this left Sim Jung Woo with a bleak future. 

Due to Joseon period customs, he couldn’t pursue a government post or remarry. 

And his life takes a turn when he crosses paths with Jung Soon Deok, a skilled matchmaker who also goes by the name Yeo Joo Daek. 

Together, they work to arrange marriages for older singles in the capital city of Hanyang.

Destined With You starring Rowoon (the male lead in this upcoming drama) was fabulous (with a capital F), so I don’t doubt that in addition to serving his striking visuals, he’ll be delivering a sweet, sweet love story. 

11. Secret Playlist – November 18th

Hanju is a typical university student who leads a double life as the rising Metube cover artist, PLII. 

When famous boy band member Levi expresses interest in collaborating, Hanju tries to keep her true identity hidden. 

But, as they work together on a class project, her secret starts to unravel, and she’s scared of the consequences of her lie being revealed. 

I have a very good feeling about this November 2023 romantic drama about idols, and I really can’t wait until it’s released.

12. Wuju Bakery – November 2023

After enduring numerous hardships, a small bakery in an old town, filled with cherished memories from the owner’s youth, was finally reopened. 

But tragedy struck when a spaceship crash-landed, severely damaging the bakery. 

In an unexpected twist, an alien and the charming bakery owner found themselves living together in the now chaotic bakery. 

Simultaneously, the presence of other hidden aliens in the city searching for them became known, and I can’t emphasize enough how thrilling this all sounds.

What do you think? Will you be watching any of these new Korean dramas coming out in November 2023? I know I’ll be, and I hope you give them a chance too – let me know what you think in the comments below. 

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