Oguri Shun & Han Hyo Joo Will Star In Upcoming Netflix Rom-Com “Romantic Anonymous”

Oguri shun and han hyo joo drama scaled

Japanese-Korean collaborations have become trendy in recent times and the viewers are eating it up, with Han Hyo Joo and Oguri Shun being cast in the Upcoming Netflix drama Romantic Anonymous

Even though loads of viewers begrudged Netflix’s first foray into the Korean drama industry (the worry was real as viewers wanted to maintain the integrity of the industry thus far), you have to admit that they’ve come a long way a decade later. 

Han Hyo Joo, who starred in 2023’s biggest and most popular Disney+ original drama Moving, has had her name on everyone’s lips for some time and this collaboration with Oguri Shun is unexpected but thrilling. 

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He’s also a big name if you’ve watched Japanese productions with major titles like Rich Man Poor Woman and several other political and romance titles to his credit. 

Romantic Anonymous is based on a French film with the same name and follows a timid but talented chocolatier whose world expands when she starts working at a chocolate shop. 

Han Hyo Joo will play the preternaturally, socially-phobic chocolatier while Shun Oguri will play the owner of the coffee shop who’s equally fascinated by and exasperated with his new employee. 

This collaboration is forecasted to attract audiences from both nations, especially since both leads are familiar with the other’s market since they’ve worked on other such collaboration projects with other actors.

And there’s also a huge buzz about this drama because Yong Film, a Korean production company that produces everything from The Handmaiden to Netflix’s Call and is usually restricted to Japanese works, will work on this drama as well. 

Romantic Anonymous is coming on the heels of the age-gap, romance Korean-Japanese melodrama Eye Love You which stars Nikaido Fumi (Japanese) and Chae Jong Hyeop (Korean) and follows a woman with telepathic abilities. 

This is a level up from the hitherto established modus operandi of the Hallyu wave which saw lots of South Korean content being exported overseas, and there can only be good things going forward for joint projects of this nature. 

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