Ouyang Nana & Jeremy Tsui Will Play Fated Lovers In New Historical C-Drama “Yongan Dream” Drops Today

Yongan Dream Chinese drama historical

Yongan Dream starring Ouyang Nana (Shen Zhen) and Jeremy Tsui (Liu Shi Yan) is going to be released for domestic and international viewers today and here’s everything you need to know about this lovely upcoming historical romance Chinese drama.

According to the synopsis on MDL, our female lead Shen Zhen is the impoverished caretaker of her ill brother who opens a cosmetic shop to take care of their needs, but she’s still scorned by the people. 

Meanwhile, our male lead, Liu Shi Yan, is the heir to the throne that’s directly connected to her family’s downfall and he has been tormented by very steamy/erotic dreams of himself and a stranger who turns out to be Shen Zhen. 

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In his dreams, he has tasted both sides of love, so when he ends up saving her after a particularly bad experience, he decides to take her in and make sure he finally gets a happy ending. 

Ouyang Nana might not be a common name, but with her roles in the historical C-drama The Great Ruler and the sweet office rom-com drama Yes! Mr Fashion, her acting skills can’t be questioned — she’s good, good, good. 

Yongan Dream 1

And if you don’t know Jeremy Tsui, you might be living under a rock (or even worse, because even before I started watching Chinese dramas, I was totally in awe of his amazing visuals).

He has played main roles in some of the biggest Chinese dramas in the past decade like Legend of the Phoenix, The Legend of Dugu (his most popular role), and Be My Princess

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Yongan Dream is slated to have 24 episodes and new episodes will be released every day of the week.

It’s a Tencent original so it’s obviously available on Tencent Video, but you can also watch it on Viki and WeTV. 

Yongan Dream 6

Will you watch Yongan Dream? What are your thoughts on their chemistry? Let me know in the comment section below. 

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