Palms On Love Episodes 2 – 4 Recap & Review: Lian Yun’s Revenge & Passion Are Bubbling Up

To say that a lot of things happened in the three episodes I will be recapping today is probably going to be an understatement. 

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So in episode 2, Dong Feng tries to sexually assault Lian Yun out of passion. There’s really no way to sugar-coat it and I’m on my knees praying for a time to come when dramas will shy away from glorifying the most toxic and morally bankrupt male characters.

VljYG Screenshot 20240229 054839 YouTube

And then, she has a tense exchange with her co-wife, Fang Fei, (the very one who was cheating on their deceased husband) which then places her on her radar and miss co-wife sends someone to track her movements. 

Luckily (or not, depending on how you see it), Dong Feng intercepts and then instructs the cowardly spy to report back to Fang Fei that he didn’t see anything. It only builds from there and I actually like that their chemistry is becoming more evident by the day.

At this point, you could tell that he was wrestling with his feelings to just grab her and give her a very big hug but he held himself back because he probably reminded himself that he should hate her. After all, she did marry his father and now she is being accused of killing her husband. 

You guys, if you look closely you can actually see him melt whenever he’s in her presence and he has asked her if she regrets breaking up with him a million times.

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Episode 3 begins with Fang Fei and Lian Yun having a face-off that ends with their mother-in-law siding with Fang Fei and ordering that Lian Yun be caned and then left for dead.

That’s where Dong Feng meets her when he comes back and he takes her back into the house (and into his room!) after wresting her from a strange, yet-to-be-introduced character’s hold.

And when Lian Yun comes to, she immediately tries to hit Dong Feng because she’s scared he might have tried to make a move on her and I genuinely do not blame her because you remember that mess in episode 2? Me too.

Anyway, they then work out an agreement where he would protect her for a month until she’s 100% healed and then she would leave. 

The agreement is that she would leave as his maid and needless to say, nobody was happy about it — Most especially his grandmother who beat him up senselessly while trying to reason with him while he kept being a wiseass with his replies. 

Mind you, this is barely a day before his inauguration and she literally scars his entire back, but he’s a commander who has been on the frontline for years so he should be used to it, right?

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And if you thought Fang Fei would perhaps make her hate less obvious and slink into the shadows, you’d be wrong because she decides that Lian Yun’s demotion in the house makes her fair game for all her sadistic tendencies. 

Fang Fei then tries to humiliate Lian Yun by making her clean her shoe and for the sake of peace, our girl is about to do this when Dong Feng comes out, chides Lian Yun for serving someone apart from him and then stands aside after ordering his right-hand man to drench Fang Fei in water (well-deserved, imo). 

Remember in the first episode when Lian Yun had the proof of Fang Fei’s extramarital affairs? Well, in episode 4, she decides to slip a photograph of the scene into Fang Fei’s room to scare her a bit and it works because she then goes to the yet-unknown man.

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vhHLi Screenshot 20240229 055659 YouTube

You guys remember when Fang Fei brainwashed the mother-in-law into throwing Lian Yun out and a strange man picked her up? Well, it turns out that the stranger is actually Fang Fei’s lover.  

FFHgM Screenshot 20240229 055817 YouTube

His name is Xue Zhi Hai and this was the moment I actually became convinced that Fang Fei had a heart because she practically had stars in her eyes while looking at him (even though she found him at his bar surrounded by more than a dozen girls).

lIp3w Screenshot 20240229 055838 YouTube

She then tells him about the photograph and he tells her to chill. Fang Fei clearly wasn’t having it because she quickly reminded him that he had promised the world would be theirs once the old man died because he would become governor and this is obviously the tipping point because Zhi Hai then tries to strangle her lovingly. 

Things aren’t looking too good on the Lian Yun and Dong Feng front either because Dong Feng is growing more exasperated by her lack of feelings towards him. 

He probably expected that she would be all over him since he essentially saved her life, but she kept up her hostility and he wasn’t having it any longer. The next thing he tells her that he will no longer rescue her and she tells him he can shove his rescue mission where the sun doesn’t shine. 

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Apparently, her caustic garb doesn’t scare him because he still invited her to his inauguration as Governor with the intention that she would see him become a bigger personality. And, I really wanted to remind him that HE had been thinking of her for years and not the other way round. 

So, she’s invited to the party, right? And this is when we find out that she actually has beef with Fang Fei (I originally thought it was with her dead husband) because she had been the one to orchestrate her parent’s conviction and killing. 

And she had been working with a bar girl called Pin who was doing her spying duties when she was kidnapped by one of their minions and stowed away while the inauguration ceremony was underway. This is essentially a bar but for some reason, they’re hosting the inauguration??? Far be it from me to make a peep.

P6hMJ Screenshot 20240229 055803 YouTube

And it’s going around looking for Pin when she bumps into the opportunist freak Fang Chang Lin, who’s Dong Feng’s nephew but also related to Fang Fei in some way.

Y7owH Screenshot 20240229 055959 YouTube

And he’s so handsy and encroaching on her space, but Dong Feng looks on because he already promised her he would stop rescuing her. But the freak keeps being pushy and it’s only until he gets physical with her that Dong Feng looks as though he would react and that’s when the episode ends.

iw jv Screenshot 20240229 060020 YouTube

I actually feel that the romance is gaining legs and starting to feel much more feasible because in the first episode, I felt like it was weak and a little shaky and entirely too tropey for me to really really love it but I enjoyed everything that happened in these three episodes. 

I still feel that the chemistry between Lian Yun and Dong Feng is lacking, though, and hopefully they have some more spicy moments. It feels forced and I know they’ll try to spin it as she needs to pretend to get her revenge, but she actually looks like she’s being forced to act.

What do you guys think? Have you been watching Palms on Love? What do you think of the episodes so far? Let me know in the comment section. And in case you’re interested, here’s a link to my recap and review of episode 1. 

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