Revenant Isn’t For Babies: Why I Love This Drama & Shows To Watch Next

Still on the fence about whether or not to watch Revenant?

I get you, and that’s totally understandable.

I’ve been following Revenant since the first episode aired, and I can tell you for a fact that it’s really that good.

Stick around, and I’ll let you know some reasons you might want to check it out pronto.

But, before we get into the main business of the day, here’s some information you might want to know:

  • Episodes: 12
  • Genres: Supernatural, Horror, Mystery, Thriller
  • Screenwriter: Kim Eun Hee
  • Director: Lee Jung Rim, Kim Jae Hong
  • Aired: Jun 23rd, 2023 – July 29th, 2023
  • You can watch Revenant here: Hulu | Disney+ Hotstar 

Who plays what in Revenant? 

  1. Ku San Young: A young woman who is studying to become a civil servant. She inherits some items from her deceased father, who was a folklore scholar. She soon realizes that she is haunted by a demon that wants to use her for its evil plans. She is played by Kim Tae-ri.
  2. Yeom Hae Sang: A professor of Korean folklore who comes from a rich and influential family. He can see the supernatural beings that exist in this world. He encounters Ku San Young and tries to help her fight the demon that has a connection to his past. He is played by Oh Jung-se.
  3. Lee Hong Sae: A police officer who is ambitious and career-oriented. He does not believe in anything that he cannot see or prove. He gets dragged into the mysterious cases that involve Ku San Young and Yeom Hae Sang. He is played by Hong Kyung.
  4. Baek Se Mi: A friend of Ku San Young who is also preparing for the civil service exam. She is supportive and caring to Ku San Young and often helps her with her problems. She is portrayed by Yang Hye-ji
  5. Gu Kang Mo: Ku San Young’s father and a former folklore professor. He died in a car accident, but his belongings trigger the events of the drama.
  6. Kim Seok Ran: Ku San Young’s paternal grandmother. She is a shaman who knows the secrets of the five sacred objects.
  7. Seo Mun Chun: Lee Hong Sae’s partner. He is a detective who investigates the deaths with Lee Hong Sae. He has a good sense of humor and is friendly to Ku San Young and Yeom Hae Sang.

Here are 4 (very) good reasons you should watch Revenant ASAP: 

1. Kim Tae Hee is such an amazing actress.

Everyone loves me 4

Guys, I already know that Tae Hee has range, but my God – in this drama, she has literally donned different personas and she stunned at every single moment.

She can be chilling, bashful, and still manage to be kickass the very next second, and I’m not even joking when I say she makes my heart flutter.

If you enjoyed this amazing actress in Twenty Five Twenty One, one of the most epic romance in recent times, you might also love her in this drama, even though it’s decidedly darker than 2521 and a completely different genre.

2. You missed Sang Tae oppa.

Everyone Loves Me 1

I don’t know about you, but Oh Jung Se won my heart for his role in It’s Okay To Not Be Okay as Sang Tae, and his character growth was simply stunning.

I mean, he really does give his all to his roles, and he’s so versatile! Not to talk of how much of an impact he leaves in every production he involves himself in.

I just finished watching Touch Your Heart, where he stars as a somewhat silly boss, and it’s amazing how one person can depict so many different characters.

3. You don’t mind googling every second.

Revenant kdrama

I’m not even joking – this drama has led me down so many rabbit holes that it’s not even funny the amount of time I’ve spent reading auto-translated websites so I can get the first-hand scoop.

Revenant is one of those high-budget Kdramas that’s steeped in culture, and it’s just all so thrilling that we’re being shown this aspect (literally one of the most amazing things about being a Kdrama fan).

When people ask why I love Kdramas, I tell them it’s because they take me to a different world for a short time. And on the future, when people ask, I’ll simply point them to this drama.

Not to be sappy or anything, but I live for Kdramas that make me think and really leave me gasping – this drama more than delivers on that and I loved every minute of it.

4. You don’t mind the scares.

Revenanr scary

Guys, I haven’t looked at a mirror or a door the same since I started this drama.

There’s just a lot happening that makes total sense, and Revenant is just spooky in the best of ways.

5. You like a romance that’s more push than pull.

Everyone loves me 3

You know, I was a little torn on whether the story planned to include romance (even though there have been these snippets of memories here and there), and with the way he behaved, it felt a little far fetched.

But in one of the latest episodes, Hong Sae actually looks San Young in the eyes and tells her that if she’s a serial killer, she should come to him first.

Case closed. He’s whipped as he’ll and I’ll take him in whatever form.

So, if you don’t mind some screaming and whatnot, then you might enjoy this drama.

That said, don’t sleep on this one. It’s really good ‐ I can vouch for it.

Usually. I steer away from horror or supernatural dramas, but Revenant Kdrama had me absolutely hooked, and I am sure you’ll love it.


Does Revenant Kdrama have romance? 

No, Revenant Kdrama does not have romance as its main genre. It is a mystery, thriller, and horror series that focuses on the supernatural and the occult.

There are some hints of attraction and friendship between the main characters, but they are not the main focus of the story. 

Is Revenant Kdrama based on a true story? 

No, Revenant Kdrama is not based on a true story – It is a fictional story written by Kim Eun-hee, who is also the writer of popular Kdramas such as Kingdom and Signal, 

Revenant Kdrama is inspired by Korean folklore and mythology, and explores the themes of spirit possession, shamanism, and evil forces.

Is Revenant Kdrama worth watching? 

Yes, Revenant Kdrama is worth watching if you enjoy mystery, thriller, and horror genres. The show has a compelling plot, a talented cast, and a stylish production. 

Before we go…

Check out these dramas if you loved the fast-paced horror of Revenant: 

1. Kingdom

Kingdom kdrama

This drama is a zombie apocalypse set in the Joseon era. 

And it follows the crown prince of Joseon who is accused of treason as he tries to clear his name and save his people from a mysterious plague that turns people into undead. 

He also has to deal with political enemies and corruption, and trust me when I say this drama is very thrilling, gripping, and gruesome, with a lot of action and gore.

It also has a high production value and a unique setting, and this is simply perfect to watch if you loved Revenant. 

2. The Guest

The guest kdrama

Guest is about a psychic, a priest, and a detective who team up to fight a powerful demon that has been terrorizing people for decades. 

The demon is called “Sohn” and it can possess people and make them commit horrible crimes.

The three protagonists, just like the three leads in Revenant, have a personal connection to the demon and they try to stop it before it destroys more lives. 

This drama is very intense, suspenseful, and scary, with a lot of action and twists, and you’ll be glued to your screen for hours. 

3. Hotel del Luna

Hotel del Luna deana

Set in a mysterious hotel that caters to the dead, this fantasy Korean drama follows the owner of the hotel, a beautiful but cursed woman who has been running the hotel for over a thousand years. 

She hires a human manager who can see ghosts and they work together to help the spirits of the hotel guests move on to the afterlife. 

This drama is a mix of comedy, romance, and horror, with a lot of fantasy and historical elements, and while it’s markedly lighter than Revenant, you’ll love the general air of spookiness.

It also has a great cast and soundtrack, and there’s no way you won’t still be thinking of the leads by the time you’re done watching. 

What do you think? Will you give Revenant a chance? Have I given you enough reasons to start a rewatch? Let me know in the comments below

Happy watching!

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