10 Romantic Chinese Lesbian Short Films That Will Give You The Feels

Lesbian short Chinese film scaled

GL is probably one of the most neglected genres in Chinese cinema, but there are still some really amazing recommendations out there you can watch.

So, I’ve compiled this list of the best Chinese lesbian short movies that you can watch right now. 

1. Red Devil and Heroine Su

One comes from a righteous sect while the other hails from a demonic lineage, and with contrasting personalities, their divergent paths intersect in a tale of contrasting love.

2. The Fox Spirit and the Little Priest

After 300 years of waiting, can a fox spirit and a priestess forge a new beginning in their relationship, despite their disparate origins?

3. The Courtesan and the Female Scholar

Disguised as a man, a young scholar unexpectedly captivates a beautiful courtesan and this sparks an unforeseen bond. 

Yet, her prolonged deception threatens to unravel their connection and you’re going to totally love this Chinese lesbian film.

4. I’m Her Weapon

Qing Ping is her mistress’s most loyal weapon, but harbors hidden affections, but when tasked with a new mission by Bai Wei, can she reconcile duty with desire?

5. Whisper of Summer

Born into privilege, Joey’s life intersects with the introverted Su Ke and this kicks off an unexpected romance.

6. Beginning of Summer

Within the world of Justice Online, a playful apprentice teases her master, unaware of her own feelings, but when another Lixia approaches, will their relationship deepen?

7. Xia Xue & Wei An: Miss You Always

Produced by LESDO App and Dreamland, this Chinese lesbian short film follows lesbian lovers Xia Xue and Wei An as they navigate lost memories and rediscover true love across time and space.

8. Strawberry Night

Sha Sha’s encounter with Yu Zi leads her into a sensual realm that challenges her perceptions and prompts introspection.

9. Pink Pill

Zhang He’s diary reveals her ambiguous relationship with classmate Chen Xue and this leads to public scrutiny and bullying. 

Amidst adversity, classmate Li Bo’s unrequited love compels him to protect her, even as he dreams of changing her sexual orientation.

10. The Female Doctor and the Rabbit Spirit

Based on the tale of the white snake, this lesbian Chinese movie follows a physician who rescues an injured rabbit, unknowingly saving a rabbit spirit in human form. 

As their bond grows, the rabbit spirit questions the possibility of love between humans and spirits. 

Which of these Chinese lesbian short movies will you give a chance now? Let me know in the comment section below.

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Happy watching!


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