12 Romantic Thai Dramas With Rich Male Leads You Should Check Out

Wealth makes everything better, yes or yes?

You guys, the male leads in the drama recs I’m about to drop have more money than they could ever need, and isn’t that just the loveliest thing to watch? 

For sure, there’s the issue of class and all, but remember that we owe the very famous transformation scene to this trope, so I’m willing to put up with literally anything. 

If you have been in the mood to watch a fabulous Thai dramas where the rich male lead falls in love with the poor girl, then I’ve got you covered – continue reading!

1. Sapai Import

Sapai Import Thai drama

Lisa, a rich girl in debt, reluctantly marries Don, heir to a farm, due to a time limit set by his late grandfather. 

Don’s mother, who loves Lisa, encourages the marriage, and they agree to pretend for six months despite no love, and destiny takes its course.

You guys, this is one fantastic Thai drama where a rich guy falls in love with a poor girl, and you best believe I fell too. 

2. Love by Chance

Love by Chance thai

Pete, a wealthy and timid university student who hasn’t come out of the closet is accidentally hit by a boy named Ae. 

Ae, compassionate and genuine, decides to protect him from. Some annoying fellows, and as their bond grows, Ae’s feelings evolve into something more than friendship. 

Pete, who’s wary of being treated like an outcast, hides his love for Ae. 

And despite this, Pete’s affection for Ae deepens at every given point.

3. F4 Thailand: Boys Over Flowers

F4 thailand

Gorya joins a posh school after taking an exam, and she soon finds out the school is ruled by the wealthy F4 clique. 

She challenges their bullying and inadvertently catches the eye of Thyme, the leader. 

Thyme also falls in love with her and tries to pursue her, but she’s drawn to his friend Ren, who’s still pining for Mira. 

As Gorya navigates the school drama, she soon starts developing feelings for Thyme, and you guys, the character development in this one was amazing. 

4. Never Let Me Go

Never let me go thai

Nuengdiao, the heir of a prestigious family, lives a sheltered life, but his world shatters when his father is murdered before his eyes. 

With his and his mother’s safety at risk, Palm, a loyal family employee’s son, is assigned to protect him. 

And in the midst of all this, Palm shows another side of the world to Nuengdiao and they both fall in love with each other.

This is one of the best rich boy falls in love with poor boy Thai BL dramas that absolutely made my toes curl with how happy I was for the leads. 

5. Oh! My Boss

Oh my Boss Thai drama

Noomnim gets a new job and celebrates with a night out. 

She then meets a charming stranger, who later becomes her boss. 

He doesn’t seem to recognize her, but when he appoints her as his personal assistant, she wonders if his interest is genuine or just flirtatious behavior.

6. Why R U?

Why r u thai

In this drama, Saifah, a mischievous musician, meets Zon, a shy but determined sci-fi writer.

And when Zon makes a bet with his sister Zol, his writing journey is kicked into full force.

But his parents are strongly against his writing career, so his friends suggest he steal ideas from Zol, and this leads to a shocking discovery – his name is intertwined with Saifah’s in her fictional story. 

7. The Perfect Wife

The perfect wife thai

Mr Robert sends Chollada, a middle-class girl who took part in his Ideal Wives grooming scheme, to Kasidit as a fake wife. 

Kasidit initially sees it as a game but falls in love with Chollada.

But the issue is that he’s not sure if she genuinely loves him or if Mr Robert is Still pulling the strings from behind the curtain.

8. La Ong Dao

La ong dao thai

Korakot Benjarong returns to Thailand after his father’s death. Then, he finds out from their lawyer that he’ll inherit the assets only if he marries La Ong Dao, his adopted sister. 

Despite being in a relationship with a famous singer, Honey, Korakot hadn’t seen La Ong Dao since childhood. 

So, he’s stunned when he meets her and discovers that she has transformed into a graceful and beautiful woman, both inside and out.

9. Dangerous Romance

Dangerous Romance thai

Sailom, a struggling student, takes odd jobs to support his brother. He soon clashes with school bully Kanghan but later becomes his tutor for a tempting offer. 

And, even though they’re very different, a strong bond forms between them.

In this Thai drama, Kanghan is way richer than Sailom and I loved seeing the parallels in their lives and the way they made it work made this entire rich guy and poor guy Thai drama worth it. 

10. The Tuxedo

The Tuxedo Thai

Nawee, an heir with a bossy and self-centred attitude, struggles with social phobia due to childhood trauma. But, his life takes a positive turn when he meets the gentleman designer, Aioun. 

Their mutual attraction sparks a lifelong romance, and trust me you’ll be swooning by the time you’re through. 

11. Baker Boys

Baker Boys thai

Punn, the attractive bakery owner and billionaire’s son, owes his success to Weir, a pastry expert. Women flock to his shop thanks to Weir’s talent, although Weir lacks interest. 

Krathing, an apprentice and store worker, reports to Weir, while Pooh, Punn’s bodyguard and mediocre waiter, is hiding a cache of secrets.

12. Crazy Handsome Rich

Crazy Handsome rich

Thad’s affluent family welcomes a new butler, Luv, and Thad falls in love almost immediately. So, he doesn’t hold back on showering the young man with affection.

What’s even more romantic is that they have matching necklaces which they got at separate times, and I really loved seeing the way their love developed in this drama.

This is the perfect rich guy BL Thai drama that you should check out if you’re in the mood for a drama that’s so good it almost hurts. 

Did you find any dramas you like on this list? How many will you be watching? I’ve watched a good number of them and I can promise that they’re all so, so good.

Trust me on this: any of these dramas are perfect if you’re in the mood to watch a lakorn where a popular guy who’s insanely wealthy falls in love.

And, don’t forget to check out the related posts for even more sweet, sweet recommendations. 

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