10 Lovely Fake Dating & Marriage Thai Dramas You Can’t Miss

Faking it never looked so good, and for the leads in these fake relationship Thai dramas, love blooms so unexpectedly. 

These are the best Thai dramas where they pretend to be in a relationship and then fall in love in the sweetest way – You’ll love them!

Here are 10 amazing fake relationship Thai dramas worth watching: 

1. My Secret Bride

My Secret Bride thai drama

Suam, a playful girl from the slums, develops a crush on kind-hearted cop Danurut after he helps her clear a false accusation.

She’s then asked to spy on a criminal named Sia Ha by undercover officer Thuan, who suspects Danurut’s uncle’s involvement. 

To keep Suam away from Aek, Danurut’s cousin’s fiancée, he hires her as a fake wife. 

And while they constantly argue, Suam moves in to follow Danurut’s orders while spying on him for Thuan and they soon find themselves falling in love. 

2. Kon La Kop Fah

Kon la kop fah thai

Chanika comes back home because her dad is sick and broke. 

And her friend hooks her up with a well-paying job at a rubber plantation. 

The owner, Chinapat, has a temper and a questionable reputation, and to dodge an arranged marriage, he proposes to Chanika for cash. 

These two were as opposite as it gets, but they eventually found a sweet middle ground. 

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3. My Husband In Law

My husband in law Thai drama

Muey has a deep, unrequited love for her crush, Thien, who is smart and attractive but a bit of a player. 

After Thien gets into trouble by sleeping with a dangerous mobster’s wife, his mother forces him to marry Muey for his safety. 

Muey then agrees to protect him and get closer to him, but as they both work at the same company, their secret relationship faces challenges. 

Sounds interesting, right? This is hands-down one of the best fake relationship Thai dramas that I feel everyone should watch atleast once. 

4. Flash Marriage

Flash Marriage Thai drama

Lalin, after a casual encounter with dancer Pokpong, hires him to pretend to be her husband for a few months. 

She hopes this will help her secure her father’s company, but as they spend time together, Lalin realizes there’s more to Pokpong than she initially thought.

5. 2gether

2gether Thai drama

Tine, a good-looking student and cheerleader, asks popular guy Sarawat for a fake relationship to deter unwanted attention from Green. 

As they pretend, their feelings grow genuine. 

And eventually, they realize they’re not faking anymore and start falling in love.

6. Husband In Disguise

Husband In Disguise thai drama

This romantic fake relationship Thai drama follows a doctor named Sattawat, who enters a fake marriage to clear his debts. 

Unexpectedly, he falls in love with Anussaniya, while she is trying to avoid an inappropriate relationship with her uncle-in-law. 

Initially, the marriage is emotionless, but Sattawat secretly loves Anussaniya, and this makes it hard for him to hide his feelings. 

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7. Mam Gaem Daeng

Mam gaem daeng Thai drama

Four friends in London, Ana, May, Pat, and Art, try to help Pat escape an unwanted engagement in Thailand. 

They then tell him to lie he’s already married to Ana, but when Nadol meets Ana, sparks fly between them. 

So, Ana agrees to pose as Pat’s wife for financial reasons and to help Pat break off the engagement. 

But, as the charade continues, Ana must pretend to be a devoted pregnant wife while Nadol grapples with his unexpected feelings for her.

8. So Sanaeha

So sanaeha Thai drama

Pum, a recent graduate, returns home to a chaotic scene – Her mother is leaving with a younger man, while her ill father tries to intervene but tragically passes away, and Pum blames her mother. 

On the other side, Ramet cares for his cruel, handicapped mother who wants a grandchild. 

So she offers a stranger $5 million to have Ramet’s child and Ramet reluctantly agrees. 

Pum and Ramet then cross paths in a mall and later work together, and after a series of conflicts, they both apply for the ad without realizing the other’s involvement. 

They are then sent to an island where they eventually fall in love.

9. Love Sick

Love Sick Thai drama

Punn has a girlfriend, but his dad wants him to date a friend’s daughter. 

To avoid it, Punn convinces his little sister, Pang, that he has a boyfriend. 

Meanwhile, Noh needs more money for his school club, and Punn offers to help in exchange for Noh pretending to be his boyfriend. 

Over time, they fall in love, and this interesting fake relationship BL Thai drama is adapted from the web novel Love Sick: The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Guys by Latika Chumpoo. 

10. Sapai Import

Sapai Import Thai drama

Lisa, a wealthy but spoiled girl, came back from studying in England to find her parents in debt. 

She had to work to repay it, and Don’s mother, who cared for Lisa like a daughter, helped her. 

Don, the heir to a famous farm, had to marry and have a child within a year to inherit it. 

Don’s mother encouraged their marriage, and though they didn’t initially want it, they agreed to pretend for six months. 

Despite their differences, they soon found themselves falling in love with each other.

How many of these dramas have you watched? Will you be checking any of them out?

Trust me when I say you’ll love any of these romantic Thai dramas about contract relationships, and you really just need to give them a chance. 

Check out the related posts for even more recommendations that I’m sure you’ll enjoy. 

Happy watching!

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