“The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection” First Teaser Promises Multiple High Stakes

The Escape of the Seven 5

It definitely feels like the production team of The Escape of the Seven has been working around the clock.

Because merely three months after the first season aired, we’ve gotten a brand new teaser for the second season.

The Escape of the Seven 1

A Makjang through and through, the fast-paced 2023 K-drama kept everyone confused and absolutely on their toes. 

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And, it definitely feels like this second season will cause a whole lot of emotional damage. 

The Escape of the Seven: Resurrection will continue from where things stopped in the first season, and just as the name states, our morally ambiguous leads will make a return.

The Escape of the Seven 2

The entire drama in this new season will revolve around their efforts to take down Matthew Lee (played by Uhm Ki Joon). 

Our masked revenge-taker is still on the loose and their identity is still a mystery, and with their performances in the first season, I definitely feel this one is going to be just as good.

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Even more so now that the antagonism between Lee Joon and Uhm Ki Joon seems to have reached a feverish boil. 

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Uhm Ji Koon reprises his role as Matthew Lee, Lee Joon as Min Do Hyuk, Yoon Tae Young as Kang Ki Tak, Hwang Jang Eun as Geum Ha Ree, Lee Yoo Bi as Ham Mo Ne, Yoon Hang Hoon as Yang Jin Mo, and a host of other characters.  

The second season will premiere on the 29th of March and is slated to have 16 episodes. 

There’s no news about any OTT deals, although based on what has happened in the past, there’s a high chance it will be available on Netflix after it’s done airing. 

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