“The Gate of Xuan Wu” Set To Premiere March 5th: Official Cast Line-Up, OTT Deals, & More Details

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The Gate of Xuan Wu is a historical crime drama slotted to run from March 8th to March 28th with 41 episodes and new episodes being released every day.

It is set in the Chinese republican era and follows Li Tian Shun, a jade sculptor from an impoverished background who has strong ideals and isn’t easily broken.

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Gate of xuanwu

This will also feature an omnibus cast with roles being played by Tong Lei, Li Yi Xiao, Xin Yi, and Zhang Feng Yi. 

Ren Zhong stars as Li Tian Shun in this upcoming C-drama and there are high expectations for his role.

He acted wonderfully in past projects – Viva Femina, Sweet Life, The Ideal City – so, it’s easy to assume this drama is in safe hands.

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Unfortunately, this historical drama hasn’t been picked up by any international OTT, so there’s a likelihood it won’t generate much buzz.

For Chinese speakers and locals, episodes will run on BTV, which is a government-owned television network, but international speakers could access it using telecasting apps. 

More information will be provided about this drama as it’s made available to the audience. 

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