“The Tale of Rose” Starring Liu Yi Fei & Tong Da Wei Grants Distribution License To OTTs

Legend of Rose 5

Filming for The Tale of Rose wrapped up in November 2023 and while information about its premiere has yet to be released, the team has successfully granted distribution licenses to some OTTs.

The details of the deal are yet unclear, but what’s for sure is that viewers will be able to watch the complete 36 episodes on more than just the Tencent Video platform and CCTV. 

Going by the usual 6-month post-production timeline to sort out their affairs, it’s been rumored that this drama will be released in May, but that’s pure conjecture and the team has neither confirmed nor denied the rumor. 

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Crystal Liu plays the role of Huang Yi Mei and what viewers should know right from the beginning is that this drama is very much focused on her journey and growth as a character.

Legend of Rose 2

Other characters (including the ones played by Tong Da Wei, Wan Qian, Huang Yi, Wu Bi, and Zhu Zhu) revolve around Yi Mei’s life story in a chaotically, poetic way. 

Interestingly, this drama is based on The Story of Rose, a novel by Yi Shi, and its 1986 Hong Kong adaptation Lost Romance starred Chow Yun Fat and Maggie Cheung (who played Rose). 

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At the helm is Director Wang Jun who’s a veteran in every sense of the word and Li Xiao who served as screenwriter for Sunshine by My Side and the 2010 family drama Will You Marry Me and My Family will also work on this project. 

The drama garnered a lot of attention from its target viewership while filming, most especially for Liu Yi Fei’s bag-enclosed Louis Vuitton products which were distributed to both cast and crew after filming. 

Clearly, this drama is going to be iconic in all the ways that count and viewers are waiting with bated breath. 

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