Tong Yao & Chen Xiao’s Upcoming Family C-Drama “Simple Days” Will Premiere March 14th

Simple Days 5 cdrama

Simple Days or Xiao Ri Zi premieres on the 14th of March and new episodes will be released every weekday.

It is billed to have 26 episodes and will be available to watch on Dragon TV, Tencent Video, and ZJTV.

Simple Days follows a couple who have fallen on hard times and it is directed by An Jian who previously worked on the 2020 family drama Perfect Partner

Simple Days 4

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Tong Yao will play the role of Gu Mo Li while Chen Xiao will play Zhi Jin Cao and in the drama, they’ll get a divorce due to many external factors, but they’ll still find their way to each other.

Other notable members of the cast include Sa Ri Na, Ying Er, Qiao Zhen Yu, Yu Hao Ming, Du Hai Tao, and many others. 

To commemorate its premiere, the team has released poster upon poster and while marketing has been particularly dismal, anticipation is still high. 

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And if you’ve been keeping up with the meagre efforts at marketing on social media, you might have seen that this drama managed to scrounge up 2 million reservations on Tencent Video. 

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