“Under The Skin” Season 2 Set To Begin Filming March 8th And Tan Jian Ci & Jin Shia Jia Have Reprised Their Roles

Under the skin 2

Filming for the second season of Under the Skin is scheduled to begin March 8th, but there’s no designated date of completion at the moment and no mention of new characters, but our leads have reprised their roles. 

Starring Tan Jian Ci as Shen Yi and Jin Shia Jia as Du Cheng, this 2022 police procedural thriller drama follows a student-turned-forensic-artist who joins the police force to right his wrongs and his constant clashes with his embittered superior. 

Under the skin 3

Shen Yi and Du Cheng immediately got off on the wrong foot because Shen Yi’s innocent action years ago caused the death of Du Cheng’s best friend and colleague. 

But in time they start getting along because Shen Yi proves himself to be a more than capable forensic artist who helps them close many cold cases. 

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So, they join hands to figure out who outsmarted the police and managed to kill a member of the force and this brings them even closer. 

I liked the brotherhood and the shy comradeship that blossomed between the both of them and I’m so excited for what’s to come.

Under the skin 1

There’s not much information about the second season at the moment, but I assume they’ll pick off where they dropped things with the previous season and, without dropping spoilers, there are a few plot points that haven’t been closed. 

Jian Ci’s last drama before this one of the lovely rom-com Love Me, Love My Voice, which was released months after Lost You Forever. His next drama is supposed to be Go East, but I don’t believe filming has started for that one yet (updates will be posted). 

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As for Shi Jia, his schedule had been free for a month or so because his last media project was the 2024 romance drama Love Endures where he played a support role and its 24 episodes ran from January to February, so shooting must have been from mid October till December 2023. 

Before that was the low-budget Chinese movie Seven Killings, which was released in November 2023 last year, and this came after The Heart which officially finished its release in October 2023. 

As I said earlier, we don’t have a possible date for the release, but my bet is on early 2025. The previous season was available to watch and stream on iQIYI, Viki, and TencentVideo, so I assume the same would apply to this new season.  

Under the skin

What do you think? Will you watch the second season of Under The Skin when it’s released? Let me know in the comment section. 

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