Upcoming Business C-Drama “A Better Life” Releases Concept Poster & Announces Official Cast

A better life 7

The team of upcoming business and romance Chinese drama A Better Life has now officially released the list of the cast as well as a concept poster. 

A Better Life will follows Hu Man Li and Xue Xiao Zhou’s fractious relationship as co-workers and then the moment of reckoning which gives way for love to come into their lives.

It’s a Youku original with 36 episodes which will probably be available to stream on both of their platforms (APP and YouTube channel), but there’s no news on the broadcast schedule and whatnot. 

Betty Su will play the 38-year-old Hu Man Li who’s ousted just as she starts funding her feet in his workplace, while Dong Zi Jian will play Xue Xiao Zhou, the 28-year-old young man who’s loved and hated by all.

The cast of this drama is filled with several familiar faces, and you’re going to recognise these household names as well: Gao Xin, Myolie Wu, Ye Xing, Connie Kang, Chen Tian Ming, and others. 

Filming only just began, but anticipation is through the roof because the cast line-up and the basic enemies-to-lovers, business rival, age-gap romance themes of the drama are very alluring.

At the helm is Director Wang Jun who is most famous for his directorship of My Beautiful Life and the 2018 historical Ruyi’s Royal Love In The Palace. Most recently, he’s working on The Tale of Rose which stars Crystal Liu and Tong Da Wei. 

Fei Hui Jun and Li Xiao Liang who worked together on the high-octane, romantic suspense 2018 drama Negotiator will reunite in this drama as screenwriters and everyone is pumped. 


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