You Can Watch Korean Dramas 100% Free On These 15 Legal Sites

Let’s be real, watching Kdramas is like falling down a rabbit hole. 

One minute you’re watching a cute romance between a feisty heroine and a chaebol heir, and the next you’re sobbing over the tragic fate of a supporting character you didn’t even care about 10 minutes ago. 

With these free streaming sites, you can explore the depths of your Kdrama addiction without feeling guilty about spending all your savings on subscription fees – Just don’t forget to come up for air every once in a while.

These are the best 15 sites you can watch K-dramas with different subtitles for free:


Hooq Homepage

This streaming platform launched in 2015 and partners with major entertainment companies like Sony Pictures, Warner Bros, and Singtel. 

They offer a diverse selection of Asian dramas from countries like India, the Philippines, Thailand, Singapore, and Indonesia, along with popular Hollywood movies like Zombieland and World War Z. 

Plus, they have sought-after Tagalog films, including the romantic Kita Kita set in Japan.

2. iQIYI

iQIYI Homepage

iQIYI is a popular streaming platform based in Singapore and it’s mainly known for the many high-quality Chinese dramas on the platform.

But, they also have some very interesting Korean dramas and anime like Backstreet Rookie and Attack on Titan.

Depending on your pocket, you can choose to go completely ad-free and access the premium shows, but the free version is good enough.

3. YouTube

Cereal Youtube Homepage

YouTube’s user-friendly interface, automatic caption, and broad selection of content is what makes it such an amazing choice if you want to watch Kdramas for free.

Korean channels like SBS and KBS2 upload hundreds of movies and dramas on their official YouTube channels, and you can even download the playlists to watch later.

4. Viki

Rakuten Viki Homepage

Viki is an American streaming platform that specializes in Asian dramas from countries like Korea, China, Taiwan, and Japan.

My favorite thing about Viki is that there’s a massive selection of dramas and every single drama has subtitles in different languages.

5. SBS on Air

SBS On Air Homepage

SBS On Air is a well-known Korean broadcasting network that also has a wide range of Korean entertainment, including films, dramas, clips, and music. 

They also keep fans updated with the latest news in the Korean entertainment industry.


Kimoi TV Homepage

This site has a huge selection of movies and dramas from around the world, including Western, Korean, Chinese, and Spanish dramas. 

There’s also a Manga section for Japanese comic fans. Popular titles include Squid Game, Loki, Gossip Girl, Animal Kingdom, and many more.

7. Kocowa

Kocowa Homepage

This LA-based site is popular among fans of Korean entertainment, because they mainly focus on Korean dramas. 

The platform also has a YouTube channel for wider accessibility, featuring shows like Music Bank, Inkigayo, Running Man, The Superman Returns, and Infinite Challenge.

8. Asian Crush

Asian Crush homepage

This amazing site has an extensive collection of Asian dramas from South Korea, China, Thailand, the Philippines, and Japan.

Whether you’re in the mood for suspenseful movies like The Lost Home, spine-chilling shows like The Doll, or romantic comedies, this site has got you covered! Plus, anime fans will love the diverse selection of shows.

9. On-demand Korea

On-demand Korea homepage

This popular Korean website lets you watch kdramas for free, with news and home shopping also available. 

10. Loklok

Loklok homepage

LokLok has high-quality, ad-free movies and dramas with subtitles in every language and the site is updated daily. 

Popular Kdramas like The Glory, Boys Planet, Heavenly Idol, and more are available, along with Japanese dramas and anime. 

The platform also has Chinese, Thai, and Western dramas and movies, including The Walking Dead, Love in the Air, and more.

11. Viu

VIU homepage

You can stream a whole lot of popular Korean dramas for free on this app, and there are options for language and subtitles. 

You can also watch Filipino-dubbed shows and enjoy a variety of options like Hangout with Yoo and Men on Mission.

12. Dramacool

Dramacool homepage

This is one of the oldest and most up-to-date collections of dramas and movies on the internet. 

You can even find old favorites like Individual Circumstances and Dirty Laundry, as well as newer titles like Flight to You and Song of the Moon, complete with free subtitles in multiple languages and the option to download.

13. Kissasian

Kissasian Homepage

You can also stream and download popular Asian dramas and movies for free on this lightning-fast website.

To save time and money, you can select the quality you want and enjoy titles from Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, China, and Thailand.  

14. Bili Bili

Bilibili Homepage

Bili Bili is a Chinese app (like the Chinese YouTube) that also has a vast collection of animes, dramas, movies, and cartoons from various countries. 

It’s a one-stop shop for fans of Asian media, and you can watch Korean dramas for free by searching for “watch kdramas for free” or similar phrases in the app’s search bar.

15. ViewAsian

Viewasian homepage

ViewAsian also has a vast selection of dramas and television shows from different Asian countries.

So, u can enjoy an unlimited supply of entertainment without worrying about running out of options. 

Watching Kdramas has never been easier, and with these free streaming sites, you can access your favorite shows from anywhere in the world. 

And, don’t forget that the recommendations have some great Kdramas you can get started watching immediately!

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