13 Beautiful & Wholesome Chinese Dramas You Should Watch

Wholesome Chinese dramas you should watch scaled

Do you know that feeling when you watch a drama and your heart feels so full? I’m sure you do.

And if you don’t, I’ve got some amazing recs for you (continue reading!)

In this article, I’ll be listing some of my favorite wholesome Chinese dramas that feel like a warm hug and I’m certain you’re going to love them. 

These wholesome Chinese dramas are everything you need to watch and more: 

1. Grandma’s New World 

Grandmas New World cdrama

A granddaughter and her grandma’s twin sister go on an adventure to find their grandma who left home five years ago to explore the world. 

During their journey, they share stories about grandma, which help the granddaughter discover her own hidden strength. 

As they travel from place to place, they uncover more about Grandma’s whereabouts and her life.

I loved everything about this sweet drama, but most of all I found the relationship between the two travel companions endearing and I cherished every single interaction they had. 

2. A Love So Beautiful 

A love so beautiful movie

This drama is about high school friends, Chen Xiao Xi and Jiang Chen, who live next to each other. 

Xiao Xi is a happy girl who doesn’t study a lot and really likes Jiang Chen, who’s handsome and smart. 

They, along with their friends Lu Yang, Jing Xiao, and Wu Bo Song, go through high school, then college, and into adulthood together.

Beautiful in many years that count, this wholesome high-school drama felt like a much-needed hug and I have a feeling you’d enjoy it!

3. I Belonged To Your World

I Belonged To Your World cdrama

Qi Yue, a lazy lady from a rich family, gets a wake-up call when her son from the future, Qi Shuo, warns her about a bad future marriage. 

To change her fate, Qi Shuo helps her improve, and she soon finds out she’ll marry a smart guy named Lu Xiao. 

With her son’s plan and her hard work, she gets into the same university as Lu Xiao, and there, she competes with him and her son helps her win his heart with clever tactics.

This time-travel Chinese drama with a twist had the most beautiful cinematography and I loved the relationship between mother and son. 

4. Hidden Love

Hidden Love cdrama

Sang Zhi really likes Duan Jia Xu, who is older and visits her house to play games. 

She liked him when she was younger, but after a misunderstanding, she cut off all contact with him. 

Years later when she goes to the same city for university, they get to spend a lot of time together and start to love each other

If you’ve been looking for a romantic and wholesome Chinese drama with two super cute leads, Hidden Love is a perfect drama to start with. 

5. Sisterhood

Sisterhood cdrama

In the 1930s, some young women from Sanshui, Guangdong, came to Singapore by boat to find work. 

One of the women called Bai Wei, while looking for a tutoring job, meets Lu Xueting, a young man from a big construction family. 

He Xiao Chan came to escape an arranged marriage, and they met after getting off the boat.

Kuang Haisheng tried to blackmail He Xiao Chan, but Bai Wei helped them, and they also met a lady named Nan Lan. 

The story is about their struggles in a foreign land and shows the beauty of Chinese culture.

6. Put Your Head On My Shoulder

Put your head on my shoulder Chinese drama

Situ Mo is about to finish school, but she’s not sure what to do next because she’s used to having everything planned for her. 

Then, Gu Weiyi, a smart physics student, enters her life and they end up as roommates due to her mother’s interference. 

They argue a lot but don’t realize they’re getting close, and soon they fall in love and it was genuinely the cutest thing ever. 

Put Your Head On My Shoulder is yet another sweet, sweet, romantic Chinese drama featuring a cold male lead and a romance that’s wholesome in every way that counts. 

7. Le Coup De Foudre

Le Coup de foudre cdrama

Zhao Qiao Yi and Yan Mo were very different in high school, but they shared a desk, and they became close friends and planned to study abroad. 

But Qiao Yi had to cancel due to a family emergency, and they lost touch. 

Four years later, they reunite, but when Qiao Yi moves to the city for Yan Mo, she discovers that he’s already in a relationship. 

Little does she know, Yan Mo still cares for her, but he keeps it a secret, and he quietly takes care of her from the background.

8. The Story Of Xing Fu

The story of xing fu cdrama

He Xing Fu’s name means “happiness,” but her life has had both good and bad times – Even her wedding had trouble when her sister was hurt by the village chief’s son. 

Despite this, Xing Fu started a new life with her husband, but the village chief and his son didn’t like her challenging them, so she moved to the city for work.

City life was tough, but she didn’t give up and became a legal professional. 

Now, she’s back in the village, determined to make a better life for everyone while she chases her happiness one step at a time.

This wholesome melodrama gives both the good and bad times and they’re just as sweet as they are heartbreaking – watch with a tissue. 

9. Accidentally In Love

Accidentally in Love Chinese drama

Chen Qing Qing is a rich girl who doesn’t want an arranged marriage, so she runs away on her wedding day and goes to the same college her parents went to. 

Qing Qing wanted to find out what happened to her parents and find real love. 

There, she changes how she looks to hide who she is and she meets a famous singer, Si Tu Feng, who is her classmate. 

They fight a lot at first, but they soon realise that they might have deeper feelings for each other. 

This beautiful college Chinese drama is based on the web novel Accidentally in Love by Chen Guang Xi Wei, and it’s really as good as it sounds. 

10. The Oath Of Love

The Oath Of Love cdrama

Lin Zhi Xiao, a young cellist at university, is determined to achieve her dreams. 

But when her father gets sick with cancer, her world turns upside down. 

At this point, Dr Gu Wei, her father’s doctor, enters her life and despite their less-than-ideal beginning, they grow closer and find understanding.

There are a lot of things I found very unique about this wholesome Cdrama with romance, but what I especially enjoyed was how tender the romance between the leads was at every point. 

11. Challenges At Midlife

Challenges at Midlife cdrama

Jian Hong Cheng falls in love with Ning Yu in college but gives up when she marries. 

Then his dad gets sick and passes the factory to him, and to protect the factory, his dad makes his sister marry Zhang Li Xin. 

After Jian’s dad dies, he leaves town and many years later, Ning Yu gets divorced, and Jian returns to save the factory. 

He learns Ning rejected him because she’s Cui Hao’s daughter, and they end up working together to stop the problems caused by their family. 

Through it all, they rediscover each other and figure out what kind of life they want.

12. Nothing But Thirty

Nothing But Thirty cdrama

The story is about three women in their thirties facing different challenges. 

Gu Jia is good at taking care of her family and her husband’s business, but trying to be too perfect stresses her and causes problems in her marriage. 

Wang Man Ni thinks she’s special and wants more from life, but she also has her own issues. 

Zhong Xiao Qin has a regular life but struggles with communication problems with her husband.

Nothing But Thirty is the perfect Chinese drama if you’re in the mood for a slice-of-life show that’s wholesome and with characters you can’t help but root for from the very first episode. 

13. Crossroad Bistro

Crossroad Bistro cdrama

Five women in Beijing opened a restaurant called Bei Zhe Nan Yuan, and they grew together and found love. 

You Shan Shan, the main owner, brought her best friends together. 

Bao Xue, a cheerful actress, and Dai Xiao Yu, her cousin, joined them, and they now enjoy everyday life with lots of jokes. 

Two other owners, Si Meng, who is a homemaker, and Feng Xi, who moved to Beijing for love, also play important roles. 

I’ve just listed 13 wholesome Chinese dramas that will make your heart sing whether you want a good romance or a soulful slice-of-life drama that speaks to the emotions.

Either way, they’re really just as good as they found and I just know you’re going to enjoy every one of them. 

Please check out the related posts if you want some more recommendations, and let me know what you think in the comments below. 

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