Why Does Zhou Ye Hate Lin Yi in 2024 C-Drama “Everyone Loves Me”?

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If you remember in the beginning, Zhou Ye was so crazy about Lin Yi that it was almost embarrassing how she would physically swoon whenever she laid her eyes on him.

We find out in episode 2 that she fell in love with him the minute she saw him at a shooting-obstacle range, but he absolutely didn’t return her feelings.

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In fact, he felt she was a snake since he had just seen her obliterate her friends, so he assumed she was cunning like that.

You guys, our girl put herself out there over and over and over again and she was so bold with her affections for him.

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She loved him so much that she didn’t even have any qualms taking advice from an online friend to completely change her personality.

But what she didn’t know was that said online friend was actually Lin Yi & since he had a crush on his online friend, he wanted to sabotage her budding relationship. 

If this sounds hilarious, that’s because it is, but trust me when I say it’s equally painful because there were so many missed opportunities for them to meet each other, but it never materialised.

So, remember that she absolutely loves Lin Yi? In Zhou Ye’s eyes, he really can’t do any wrong, but when he rejects her harshly on their graduation day, she decides to be over with him.

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This is @DoughTwist we’re talking about her and when she sets her mind on something, she’s so tenacious, because she dumps him without looking back.

Coincidentally, this is when he finds out her actual identity and he’s super bummed that he just let the love of his life go like that. 

At the moment, they’re now neighbours and Zhou Ye’s walls are only growing by the day, but Lin Yi is willing to so whatever he can – Including preparing Pork Tripe himself if he can get her to forgive him. 

I’m honestly, so, so, so emotionally satisfied by this drama and I can’t wait for the next episode. This drama has made me a giggly teenager and I’m willing to stay this way for as long as I can. 

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