Xin Zhi Lei & Bai Ke Confirmed As Leads For Upcoming Medical C-Drama “Good Will Society”


Just as I said in the headline, Good Will Society has now confirmed its cast and our leads are Xin Zhi Lei and Bai Ke. 

It’s slated to have 40 episodes and should be available for local viewers on Hunan Satellite TV and Mango TV for international viewers. 

There’s not much news or information in circulation about this upcoming drama, which is very sad because this cast lineup so far is so exciting.

But it’s listed as a medical piece, so we’re definitely getting the hospital setting and there’ll be medical professionals. 

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Xin Zhi Lei is our female lead for this drama and I’m psyched about this one as well as her other upcoming project Lost Identity which should be released some time this year. 


She was also so stunning in In Spite of the Strong Wind where she played a supporting role, and her just concluded project Blossoms Shanghai made her a personal favourite. 

And Bai Ke, my eternal heartthrob who also has the best sense of humour, is our male lead, but he probably doesn’t even need an introduction – I mean, who doesn’t know him?

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His role as Cheng Liang in the now airing Lady’s Character is simple proof that our boy is super talented and so multifaceted and I can’t wait to see his performance in this upcoming drama. 

I’ll update this post (or release new posts) when we get more information, so keep your eyes peeled for the deets. 

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