Upcoming Song Dynasty C-Drama “Perfect Match” Team Releases New Pictures

Perfect Match is a funny family drama set in the Song Dynasty and it revolves around the matriarch’s attempts to marry off her daughters.  

She brings them to Beijing from their hometown of Luoyang so that they can find suitable grooms, but this doesn’t work out as well as they had been expecting it to.

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For one, her five daughters have several unique characteristics and their odd personalities scare away even the bravest of men, and our lovely Matriarch also has to solve some family issues of her own. 

Here’s the cast: 

  1. Lu Yu Xiao as Kang Ning
  2. Liu Xie Ning as Shou Hua
  3. Wu Xuan Yi as Fu Hui
  4. Ke Ying as Hao De
  5. Huangyang Tian Tian as Le Shan
  6. Chen He Yi as Du Yang Xi
  7. Wang Xing Yue as Chai An
  8. Huang Sheng Chi as Fan Liang Han
  9. Win Win as Yang Xian

Needless to say, you can’t be a Chinese drama lover and haven’t come across one or two or all of these names at certain times, because they’re so effortlessly popular. 

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Lu Yu Xiao who will play Kang Ning here made headlines for her role in Time and Him Are Just Right, while Wu Xuan Yi was stunning as Zeng Li in Sweet Teeth.

And of course, there’s Win Win who stole hearts at home and abroad when he played Yan Yue in Sweet Games and Huang Sheng Chi’s role of Luo Xi in Summer’s Desire stamped him as an actor to look out for. 

There are many high expectations for this drama at the moment and since filming is still underway, we’ve been treated to a sleuth of set leaks and whatnot. 

At the moment, there’s no official release date, but the drama will be available to watch on Mango TV & Hunan TV (for locals).

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Yang Huan, who has several historical dramas under his belt, will serve as director for this drama and clearly everyone is pumped about it.

Here are the pictures (click to expand them): 

It remains to be seen what comes of this drama, and news will be updated here as it is made available by the showrunners. 

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