11 Fantastic Chinese Historical Dramas You Need To Watch

I classify historical dramas as anything that takes place at least 40 years into the past, and this could be any time from the 1900s or even as far back as the Song dynasty. 

So, if you like gripping historical dramas that will take hold of you and never let go, I can’t recommend any of these dramas more. 

You guys, these historical Chinese dramas include everything from romantic shows to thrilling epics that are just the right side of awesome. 

These dramas are available on several OTT platforms with complete subtitles and you’re going to really enjoy watching them. 

Here are the 11 best historical Chinese dramas you should watch ASAP: 

1. The Long Ballad

The long Ballad cdrama

After her family is slaughtered, Li Chang Ge raises an army for revenge but ends up teaming up with her conqueror, General Ashile Sun, the commander of the Eastern Turkic Forces. 

Sparks fly, both on the battlefield and in the romance department, and I feel this historical piece would appeal to anyone. 

2. Love Like The Galaxy

Love like the galaxy

Ling Bu Yi, a skilled general, and Cheng Shao Shang, an audacious woman, have to go through challenges as they are engaged by imperial decree. 

Ling Bu Yi wants to get justice for his past, while Shao Shang is facing the difficulties of fitting into a new life.

3. Story of Yanxi Palace

Story of Yanxi Palace

Ying Luo enters the Forbidden City to investigate her sister’s death and she initially targets General Fuca Fuheng

And as she rises through the ranks, she discovers palace conspiracies while protecting the Empress.

Story of Yanxi Palace delivers everything from romance to breathtaking intrigue, and it’s simply a perfect watch that will no doubt keep you glued to your seats.

4. The Rise of Phoenixes

The rise of

In this drama, Feng Zhi Wei disguises as a man and becomes a supreme scholar while supporting Prince Ning Yi’s quest for revenge.

Their true love is tested by political schemes and numerous obstacles.

5. The Blooms At Ruyi Pavilion

The blooms at ruyi pavilion

Fu Rong, gifted with foresight, sees a tragic fate tied to Duke Su Xu Jin, but as she tries to avoid him, she faces different conspiracies that threaten the royal family and she realises that her destiny may be entwined with the duke.

6. The Princess Wei Young

The princess Weiyoung

After her entire family is killed, Princess Feng Xin Er becomes Li Wei Young after a peculiar sequence of events, and she infiltrates the Prime Minister’s home to get her revenge.

In time, she becomes a powerful woman and even manages to find a beautiful romance with Tuoba Jun.

Arguably one of the most popular historical Chinese dramas, this amazing epic is an absolute delight you don’t want to miss. 

7. Serenade of Peaceful Joy

Serenade of Peaceful joy

Emperor Zhao Zhen arranges a marriage for Princess Fukang, but inside the palace, he faces challenges from Empress Cao, Zhang Mihan, and Lady Miao.

8. Dream of Splendor

Dream of Splendor

Zhao Pan Er, a teahouse owner, wants to find out the truth about her fiancé’s betrayal.

She then crosses paths with Commander Gu Qian Fan, and together they try to navigate the challenges to turn their teahouse into a successful restaurant.

9. The Imperial Coroner

The Imperial Coroner

Chu Chu, who comes from a family of coroners and longs to be one, teams up with Prince Xiao Jin Yu to solve a case spanning 18 years.

After success, she becomes the Imperial Coroner, and you’d like this historical Cdrama if you like the idea of a strong female lead who’s a go-getter through and through.

10. A League of Noblemen

A league of Noblemen

Zhang Ping, an orphan, and Lan Jue, a young minister, form an unlikely partnership to solve mysteries and tackle corruption in the royal court.

11. I’ve Fallen For You

Ive Fallen For you

Tian San Qi, a quirky investigator, searches for her lost brother while cracking cases. 

But she soon discovers more about a 10-year conspiracy, and she forms new friendships and finds even more shocking truths.

What’s your favourite period in Chinese history? If you were transported back in time, what world from any of these Chinese historical dramas would you like to inhabit? Let me know in the comments below. 

And, make sure you check the related posts below for even more recommendations that will definitely keep you hooked for hours. 

Happy watching! 

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Sophie says:

Ohhh yesss The Rise of Phoenixes was so good I do wish they could have been more like what I’ve seen parts of the novel being cause Ni Ni and Chen Kuhn would have taken it to another level.
A Dream of Splendor was truly wonderful and Love Like the Galaxy I didn’t even notice the length. New Life Begins was a drama that was a light relaxing after work drama more towards the I’ve fallen for you vibe. I’m usually more of a Cdrama fantasy girl but I’ve gotten more Cdrama historicals to add to much to watch list. 🙂

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